Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Essentials for Your Health

Lots of excitement today....AB released their new Daily Essentials line - and I am excited to report that the cost of taking your daily vitamins and supplements has come down, as well as the number of supplements per day per pack to only 5. Even a non-pill swallower like me can handle that!
The new cost for the 30 day supply of multi-vitamins is $99 - which means that new preferred clients who spend $150 retail ($120 actual cost) can get the Essentials multi vitamin packs for absolutely free as their "welcome to Arbonne" freebie!!  I am positive people will see a huge difference in their well being if they take their supplements every day for 30 days, what a great way to try them out!
I know of people who take 66 supplements a day, and spend several $100s a month. I cannot imagine taking that many pills. In fact, last night as I was taking my "Get Well Soon" supplements to ward of the evils of a very sick boss coming into work yesterday, I had a gag reflex I haven't had in a long time. No doubt I have inherited by mother's anti pill reflex. She will be glad to learn that a 3 oz. liquid formula of an immune booster has been formulated - packed with superfruit and such. For anyone going into the hospital for surgery, especially elderly, I can think of no better gift to help them ward off the many bacteria and viruses one can succumb to during a hospital stay, than the gift of the immune booster supplement, which should be taken weeks before a hospital stay. I remember my mother's last two surgeries resulted in months of stomach illness afterwards, including the retro-virus, which took a lot out of her.
Another new product is a supplement for women in the stage of menopause. I will be interested to learn what sets it apart from PhytoProlief, and if the two products are synergestic. I checked out the ingredients of the new calcium supplment and right away and noted that those who formulated the supplement were right on top of things, per the doctor's newsletters I have been reading. Best doesn't have to swallow 12 tablets a day as recommended on the bottle of the SP calcium brand I have.
In a perfect world no one one would need to take supplements. We would gather all we need from our gardens and fields, hunt, pick, etc. But the truth of the matter is, our food supply is not any where near the quality it was during biblical times. Big business has messed with the quality, additives harm our bodies and make us crave more junk food, and our food supply can even make us very ill. In many respects we have not "come a long way", but indeed have regressed due to our desire for speed, convenience and money.
The more I read the more I realize that standardized supplements are a must if we want to do all we can to avoid becoming another statistic of big industry and big pharma.  Here is a bit of vitamin trivia for you today...
Chocolate cravings are indicative of magnesium deficiency. Our body cannot absorub calcium without magnesium.
Restless leg syndrome is typically a sign of deficiences in vitamins B and G, the latter of which is another form of vitamin B, also known as riboflavin.

I thought the last bit of trivia was interesting as a friend from work was telling me his wife suffers from it and has to go to bed very early everynight as she cannot sit down, and doesn't want to continuously stand.
To your health!
Rita S.

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