Sunday, January 2, 2011

Convinced of Bio-Identical Benefits

I am convinced more than ever that bioidentical hormone creams can not only help give better quality of life by ridding of PMS symptoms, depression, fatigue, sleeplessness, etc. – but also that bioidentical (meaning natural) are major players in preventing cancer. I just read in an interview in KNOCKOUT, with Dr. Jonathan Wright, that of the natural hormones, progesterone is a major protector against cancer. This is the third resource where I have read this about progesterone. (Previous resources are Dr. John Lee and Dr. David Zava.) It makes me quite pleased to know that I have access to this amazing transdermal cream as an AB consultant.

Of course big pharma would rather the general public not learn about the benefits of natural hormones, because there are big bucks to be had in their patented, synthetic hormones. Legally, one cannot patent that which occurs naturally. Although one drug company did take a natural hormone, gave it a "drug name", and they are trying to market it. Of course, this company is trying to get the FDA to ban all pharmacies that mix and sell bio-identical hormones for a lot less money, as it cuts into their profits. I suspect I better keep my eyes and ears open for bills being introduced by our senate and congresspeople who are lobbyed by big pharma...and be prepared to write my elected officials when the day comes where the FDA tries to ban God's natural goodness that can help each of us heal from and prevent illnesses we fear most. You may also be surprised by the European studies that are done, and politics involved in ensuring the research results do not read the U.S. - as the study results would hurt the revenue of big pharma.
Because I don’t have PMS or symptoms experienced by many pre-menopausal women my age, I figured, correctly so, that my hormones are not really out of balance. That day may come as my body goes through "the change". I did send in a saliva sample last October, to have my estrogen and progesterone levels measured by ZRT labortories, and learned I was just a little estrogen dominant, but not enough to cause concern. I had already been on natural body care products for 6 months and had detoxed once, and had changed my diet for 3 months – all of these things no doubt helped bring estrogen levels down. As I continue to read I am learning also how important it is to detoxify our bodies because of all we are exposed to in our environment.
In November I decided to start on progesterone cream anyhow, simply to repair any cell tissues that may have been damaged by past mammograms in hopes I can reverse the damage. Progesterone also helps the body burn fat more efficiently, and I figure/hope it will be a boost to my weight loss.
I am only taking one dose a day as opposed to two, for the recommended two weeks out of the month. In 6 mo. I will recheck my levels (about $70 ea time) to be sure I don’t become imbalanced in the other direction. As I start to exercise in the new year the activity will help encourage my hormones to produce more of what I need as well, and hopefully help my body age happily.
My thyroid is in great shape, but for those of you who are taking thyroid hormone, I did read today that it is imperative that thyroid supplementation be taken in conjunction with iodine and iodide supplements. Iodine is also a major player in reversing fibrocystic breast disease.  If you take thyroid supplementation without the iodine, you run twice the risk of getting cancer.
Eating your way to health, three or more servings a week of the following can greatly help keep your body in balance (I won't go into the scientific specifics here) - but try to incorporate broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, bok choy and other cruciferous vegetables into your diet.
Drink your way to health, too!! I have had people joke about me and my water bottle - I almost never leave home without it. I drink water lots, mostly because my neurosurgeon said water and body hydration is the only thing that can save me from future back surgeries. Soda, coffee and carbonated beverages can have toxic effects on the body - do not fool yourself into thinking that any liquid is helpful. In fact, one doctor makes an analogy comparing contaminated water in a 6th world country to the beverages we so often put in our bodies without consideration for its ill effects - which the doc claims is just as bad as malaria and other water-borne illnesses. There is no substitute for good, purified water (free of fluouride, chlorine and other chemicals). In the chapters about cancer prevention I am learning how very important drinking water is...and I am grateful for all these years I have been drinking plain water to benefit my back, and subsequently, my body.
There is so much more I would love to share with you today regarding what I have learned in my studies. If I were a lot younger I would return to school for bio-chemistry and go into the field of helping those who are interested in healing themselves alternatively as opposed to conventional treatments. However, that is not a viable option for me, and my family, at this point. Therefore, I will continue to utilize this blog to share what I am learning along my journey of seeking to live purely.
May you take time to reflect on what you can change to help your body ward off ill effects in the coming new year.

Rita S.

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