Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's clear up PgR Positive Breast Cancers

This past November I began doing a bit more research on the Komen foundation, after a friend had told me that she did not support the prominant fund-raising organization because of their affiliation with Planned Parenthood.  I was not aware of this, and began researching their site to try to discover exactly whom received the monies from the many "walk/runs for the Cure", etc.  For certain I did not want my donations to go to large pharmaceutical companies, as it seems quite obvious there is a conflict of interest when they stand to make millions in NOT finding a cure.

While on the Susan G Komen site, I found a tab to click on for more information about research and studies taking place.  One of the articles contained anti-progesterone comments, and alluded to progesterone causing cancer. This went against everything I had read in Dr. John Lee’s books, from the Hopkins Health Watch and several other sources. I sincerely doubted its validity and sought to question it.

The more I read on the Komen research portion of the site - the more I disagreed with – the information seemed to be outdated, and continues to confuse synthetic hormones (which do cause cancer) with bioidentical hormones. It is crucial to know that these hormones are completely different from one another in regards to how our body reacts to the supplementation. Synthetic hormones DO cause cancers, especially ovarian and cervical, which unfortunately, many breast cancer patients placed on synthetic hormone replacement therapy as protection, sadly discovered.
Subsequently, I read this article by Dr. David Zava. Dr. Zava has picked up on Dr. John Lee’s bioidentical hormone studies after he died. Originally I found the link to the article on a facebook thread belonging to Virginia Hopkins, who co-authored a number of Dr. Lee's books, including, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer".

What I had learned is that natural bioidentical progesterone cream can reduce cancer tumors, and even make them disappear. A breast cancer survivor asked me “what about progesterone receptive breast cancers?” – in which this survivor stated that women are also diagnosed with breast cancer caused by progesterone. This question perplexed me greatly... I had to find out more and learn the truth.

Coming across that article on facebook, I typed a comment/question in the thread. Today I happened upon that thread again, and found an answer to my question, which I thought imperative for all to be aware of. My comment/question to Dr. Zava based on his article link:

Rita S:  I wonder if the same confusion about progestin/progesterone is the foundation for what I read on the Susan G Komen site today - from Dr Lee's book on breast cancer I do not pair progesterone with causing breast cancer. What is truth about PgRPositive -progesterone receptors? I wanted to ask (someone from the Komen site) but could not find a link to contact- and it would be better coming from an expert like you Dr. Zava. Thanks for all of your efforts and willingness to put yourself out.

Virginia Hopkins actually responded to my comment/question. Reading her answer was like a bright light bulb, and evidence that once again progesterone gets a bad rap because of the tendency to confuse it with progestin.
Virginia Hopkins Health Watch: Hi Rita - having a breast cancer that is progesterone-receptor positive is the *good* news - it means progesterone can get into the cells and do its good work. Breast cancers that are progesterone receptor negative are the most deadly.

Isn’t that great news? I find it exciting, in that the response is one more affirmation that natural PROGESTERONE may, and has actually been successful in, shrinking cancer cells.

As an aside, I have made a personal decision to no longer contribute to the Komen foundation due to the focus I am seeing of the research they are supporting. I would rather have my donations going towards alternative therapies that are actually curing people of cancer, such as natural hormone replacement therapy, whole body nutrition and supplement therapies, etc. Komen is a big name and lots of money is made for big Pharma to continue their cancer research and new drugs, but I would rather support research that also supports the alternative and integrative forms of treatment that are already curing cancer. Big Pharma would actually like to shut down everyone who is producing natural hormone balancing creams as it impacts their bottom line. Reading through Suzanne Somers book, “KNOCKOUT” – there are a number of doctors whose research I would rather support.
As well, my family does not believe in supporting Planned Parenthood as their mantra goes against our values. We would rather see Komen Foundation place mammogram machines in a center such as CareNet Pregnancy Centers - the service would still reach the poorer women that they claim go to PP for such a service, and I told them this in a letter that accompanied the funds raised from my October events.

There is a big misconception about the hormone progesterone. The media confused it years ago with progestin in a NY Times article revealing the findings of the Women’s Health Initiative, which blew the whistle on synthetic hormones and their ill effects. The journalist did not know the difference and used the word progesterone, thinking it was interchangeable w/ progestin, when it totally painted the wrong picture.

Let me assure you from all that I have read, progesterone is the HAPPY hormone. When you have enough and are in balance your body is very content, and you are being protected. I hope you find Virginia Hopkin’s response as enlightening as I have. A progesterone receptive/positive cancer is good, as it means the cancer cells are open to allowing progesterone inside - which can shrink the tumor.
I continue to be amazed that our God created bodies that can heal itself of illnesses and cancers, if only we treated our bodies as we should.
Be aware,
Rita S.

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