Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cambiati...lifestyle change...

 Day One: Jumpstart to Healthy living.  Yep, today is the day my husband and I begin a 28 day of eating clean foods. No wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, caffeine or alcohol for about a month. Jesse is pretty excited about it and looking forward to feeling better. Last night I made our safe and beneficial Arbonne protein shakes up, made with a base of pea, cranberry and rice proteins. Easy on the kidneys, no need to worry about phytoestrogens and damage to thyroid. I added spinach and strawberrys to the mix...but no longer putting in my dollops of plain organic yogurt with the probiotic cultures. That's for a month - I hope not to find that I have issues with dairy products, but that is one of the reasons we are doing this clean eating program...to determine how we feel and improve without these common allergen foods...and then reintroduce after a month, one at a time, to see how our body reacts.
Yesterday I had my body mass index calculated at the clinic. Seriously...they take my height and weight and go off and punch it into a calculator. I suspect I can find an on line program for this and did. Check it out here. They don't squeeze my body fat or anything. Today my BMI is 33.88 kglm2 (???) - the nurse said my goal is 25. That's what I am shooting for by mid- March or so!

We are both going to be feeling great in a month's time - although I drove by Crossroads today and was a bit sad that I can't have a Friday morning latte for the next month.
How are you feeling? As great as you want to be? If not, we have a great group of people getting set to take charge of their health. We are the Temple Restoration Project...we are committing to restoring the temple in which the Spirit dwells..that would be our bodies. God gave them to us to care for, and I admit that I was not a steward of my own body for years...but all that has changed. Cambiati!!

To your health!
Rita S.

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