Monday, February 21, 2011

Celebrating One Week of Jumpstart!

It's been seven days since I weighed in before starting the "Jumpstart program - 28 days to healthy living." I fully admit, the first couple days were the hardest, not because I could not drink coffee or soda, nor could I eat anything sweet made from white flour...the challenge herein lay with a box of fair trade chocolates. I had received a box of Equal Exchange chocolate the week prior to our start...and fully intended to treat myself on Valentine's Day before going cold turkey on all snacking and eating clean foods only.
Trouble is - I took an organic dark chocolate bar to work with me, became busy on Valentine's Day and did not touch it. Day two of Jumpstart I opened my desk drawer, saw that bar...and KNOWING I could not snack or eat it made me crave it all the more. So I caved... yes I did. I opened up that wrap and ate 4 little squares and tucked it back in the drawer - mid morning. It called out to me again in the afternoon and yes, I my willpower failed again...and I ate about as much mid-afternoon and tucked it away.
On Wednesday my mind toyed with me - reminding me it was there. I decided to get it over with and ate the rest of that delcious, savor every bite chocolate - appeasing myself with the knowledge that at least it is both organic and dark. Sad, eh? (LOL)  But at least I was over it and could move ahead with the Jumpstart plan.
Throughout the week I would say evenings were the most difficult. Knowing that we could not snack, where at least prior to, I would split a bag of microwave corn with our son about 7 pm.  I recently started reading the ingredients in a microwave bag of corn as well...not good. We're going to look into replacing our hot air popper or get that bowl, if it is still made, that allows you to pop regular popcorn in the microwave. Feel free to share a link with me if you know what my husband is talking about...but we need to control what goes onto our popcorn as we eat a lot of it in this household.
So again, not snacking was difficult. Having caffeine free detox tea did help, but a number of nights I decided to go to bed so I would simply stop thinking about food. Sigh....
It was worth it though!  Today I hopped on the doctor's scale again wearing the same clothes as last Monday, and at the same time - just before noon, after breakfast but before my lunch salad. Considering my rough start I was pretty ecstatic to see the scale read 7.5 lbs. less than last week - woo hoo!!
Having good results despite falling off the Jumpstart protocol is encouraging. Also, considering I had already lost 66 lbs. - it emphasizes that Jumpstart does indeed get results, as I am no longer losing water weight or the other forms that typically are shed in the first 15 lbs. of a weight loss program. Admittedly - I am not exercising. I simply have not found time, and I think it is amazing that I am losing weight without a regular exercise program. I do know my estrogen and progesterone hormone levels are pretty much even - which makes an amazing difference if you are in balance in the first place. I have been diligent in using my Prolief progesterone cream at night... no doubt in my mind that is a key factor. There are times when I wonder if I have some wasting disease, but I feel great and I am simply watching what I eat. I am armed with knowledge from a bit of reading, and took charge of my health, and you can do it too!!

To your health!
Rita S.

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