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"Let's Move" Ignores Root of Obesity Problem

Today's post is a complete lift from a Newsmax alert, publishers of Dr. Russel Blaylock's health and wellness newsletter which I subscribe to. I feel the information on our national obesity issue is too important not to share in it's whole. Below, if you will, is Blaylock's response to Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" initiative, which ignores the root of the obesity issue.

Newsmax Alert: First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, which attempts to reduce childhood obesity by encouraging kids, parents, schools, communities, and pediatricians to focus on healthier eating and exercise, diverts attention from the real cause of the U.S. obesity epidemic, says Dr. Russell Blaylock, Newsmax Health contributor.

While a high-sugar, high-fat diet, and a lack of physical exercise contribute to the problem, the three main causes of widespread obesity are: consumption of massive amounts of excitotoxic food additives, such as MSG; low vitamin D3 levels; and the over-vaccination of children, says Blaylock, editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report.
“This is the major problem, but it’s being completely ignored despite extensive research in the area,” he says. "While [Michelle Obama's] goals are laudable, one must be careful that this is not just another massive spending program that will eventually be taken over by major food-based corporations and pharmaceutical companies, as we have seen in other areas of such 'governmental-private partnerships.'
"As soon as we accept [it], we will see mandatory vaccinations of every description, drugs being added to our water supply, and children forced to take dangerous psychotropic drugs and statins. I believe we should reject creating another massive federal agency and risk losing control of our own children."
Studies show that when fed to newborn animals, excitotoxic food additives like monosodium glutamate and soy extract, cause obesity by damaging the hypothalamus, an area of the brain that regulates weight, and the pancreas, which regulates blood-sugar levels, he says.
Studies show that low levels of vitamin D3 are correlated to weight regain, he says. And extensive research has shown that too many vaccinations results in immune over-stimulation in the pancreas, causing diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, a series of risk factors such as high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol.
“Contributing to this is the massive consumption also of high-fructose corn syrup, high-sugar diet, [and] lack of exercise,” he says.
Obesity is such a dangerous condition because it produces chronic inflammation throughout the body, which leads to cancer, heart disease, degenerative brain disorders, disease of the liver and gall bladder, anxiety, and depression, Blaylock explains.
But there are ways to combat obesity and avoid these ailments and risk of early death that accompany them. Blaylock advises:
• Avoiding excitotoxins by preparing your own food
• Increasing vitamin D3 intake
• Eating lots of fruits and vegetables
• Avoiding over-vaccination and spacing apart the vaccinations you and your children do receive
• Increasing your physical activity
• Avoiding soft drinks sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup
“If you do all of those things, almost everybody will lose weight, and they’ll prevent the diseases associated with obesity,” he says.

Basically, we need to return to unprocessed foods - find a  local grower/farmer and support their efforts. Know where your food is from. Get out in the sun for 15 min. a day without sunblock. Eat well, can the soda, and read up on vaccination safety. Of course we do need to get moving, but it is not that simple. Our food sources are often our biggest health concern. Read labels my friends!

To your health!
Rita S.

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