Monday, March 7, 2011

What Vitamins to Take, and How to Take Them

I love to find endorsements for the products I love from those in the medical profession. It affirms my belief that what I have to offer as a consultant is truly beneficial. Today I was sent a link to a blog, whose link I shall add to my sidebar. The author of this blog researches various health and nutrition products available in the market and highlights those that apparently impress him. AB Essential Daily Power Packs for men and women met with his approval. He writes a very informative and compelling article about choosing multi vitamins, and emphasizes that they are not all the same.
In this article I learned about the importance of Iodine in our diets. If you do not have time to read the entire blog post, PLEASE watch the video. I learned so much - and suspect I may actually have an iodine deficiency myself concerning one of the symptoms he mentions. However, I have noted that there has been improvement in the two weeks that I have been taking Daily Essentials myself. Please check out this important post about choosing a quality multi-vitamin.
What Vitamins to Take, and How to Take Them

One thing I learned, that I want to point out, especially to my clients reading this blog, is that you should take the YELLOW tablet in your vitamin pack separately from the rest - first thing in the morning. The remaining four should be taken with lunch or dinner. I have simply been popping all of mine in during dinner time.

Since I want you to take the time to read the Energie Fitness blog, I will make this short. Do peruse the other articles this site has to offer.

Today I began researching recipes to make homemade dressings and mayo. It is our hope (my husband is on the health and fitness bandwagon and now and eager to cook and try new recipes that are good for us) to provide these recipes to you soon. Our daughter is a ranch dressing fan, and I discovered Hidden Valley - our usual brand, has, sadly - MSG in it. I began looking and it is difficult to find bottled, store-bought dressing without. Whole Foods, however, offers success when looking for MSG dressing. I plan to make homemade Ranch dressing, of which Mayonaise is part of the recipe - so first we must make mayo. I also plan to create a French dressing as one of my client's mentioned that she loves French. As long as we put chemicals such as MSG into our bodies, it will be hard to shed the pounds. Although my family are not French dressing people, it will be made and I will have my friend test it. To make French dressing what do I need to do first, but make homemade ketchup. (LOL) I have reviewed recipes, substituted healthy ingredients that I hope will work, and will let you all know how it goes.

This day marked my third Monday in doing the Jumpstart - 28 days to healthy living program. I lost 5 lbs. this past week - woo hoo! My total weight loss now adds up to 74 lbs. lost and I am not yet finished. In one more week I am going to try on that next size smaller pair of jeans, which would be the size I wore before I became pregnant with our son 13 yrs. ago. I don't expect to reach that ultimate goal until May - but we shall see how far along Jumpstart has pushed me towards that goal.

To your health,
Rita S.

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