Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Are We Really Feeding Our Kids?

Childhood cancer rates in the U.S. have increased 10% in 15 years! Does that bother you like it bothers me? What's going on, one might ask....  Read your food labels and you will find your answer.  I just posted about this suject last time, but it makes headlines again today. Check out this article which tells how consumers in the UK protested against the toxic food additives and big companies like Coca-Cola, Kraft and more complied - finding natural alternatives. But not here in the U.S.  The FDA protects big money (food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies) much more so than they do Joe Public.  I wonder what the original mission and intent of establishing the FDA was...I have a feeling they have strayed far from the original purpose of origin.
I suggest making label reading a FAMILY project.  Our kids read labels and want to know what exactly the dyes are made of, and what exactly is artificial or natural flavors? I can think of a lot of natural things that I would not want to consumer. I won't go into details...it's gross.  We cannot protect our children from everything, but armed with knowledge we can make healthful and wise decisions on their behalf.

To your health, and that of our children as well!
Rita S.

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