Friday, May 13, 2011

What is the pH of the food you eat?

The other day a friend posted a very educational video on her facebook wall...which I of course snagged, and posted to my wall...which is now finding its way to other walls.  This is a CRITICAL video to watch if you want to understand food and how what you eat affects your body.
A case in point....yesterday I had a very non-green day.  I had a vanilla plant based protein smoothie for breakfast with strawberries and blueberries added in. That's a typical start to my day. However, for lunch, rather than my usual 5-6 cups of dark greens (aka salad) I decided to change it up and have leftover grilled pork chop and friend potato and onions (my husband makes GREAT fried spuds!).  A plum was a mid-day snack. Dinner was a quick fix as I had a meeting - came home to my hubby scrambling organic eggs and pan friend bacon. Yummy!
Later, at that meeting, my stomach was bothering me. Have not had a "tummy ache" for eons it seems - every since I began eating whole foods. I reflected on my food intake of the day...what was different? It dawned on greens. I basically consumed ZERO vegetables! My body did not like that. I probably had more protein than my body could handle - namely, animal proteins as mentioned in the video - all falling on the acidic side of the pH scale (pork chop, eggs, bacon). Animal proteins (including whey) are more difficult to digest than plant proteins - bloating and stomach pain (yep!) are not uncommon, and in excess - stain the kidneys and their ability to function.
Be careful about plant proteins as well, however. Soy, which has been touted by the agricultural commission as a  health food - namely to create a market for the cash crop - has been linked to a number of studies associated with thyroid dysfunction, cancer (high amount of estrogenic properties), and just this week - I learned soy (per Dr. Russell Blaylock's Health Watch newsletter) absorbs and has one of the heaviest concentrations of flouride from the soil, than any other plant. As you are probably aware, flouride is a toxin when ingested.
Anytime you are adding estrogen to your body, whether it be through petro chemicals found in skin care and foods, or plant based estrogens - it may create endocrine dysfunction (which messes up a  whole lotta hormones!!). It takes time to build up in your system, have no doubt about that. Endocrine disruption is one of the biggest reasons we are seeing so much cancer in young people these our children our exposed from the time they are born. Parents unknowlingly apply petro-based chemicals to their baby's skin in the form of baby oil or lotion, and we give our kids peto-based food colorings in products such as colored "ades" and gel'd and wiggly fun foods.  I have a new link in my side bar today - to a non profit org studying the effects of endocrine dysruption and its links to neurological disorders, cancer, and more. If you are expecting, or have a baby - please, please read the information provided. If you are having hormone imbalance, in particular thyroid issues - study up! Do yourself a favor and self-educate - we really do have to be our own best advocates for our bodies and well being.

To your health!
Rita S.

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