Monday, May 23, 2011

Ear Aches - Natural Relief

I have read so much about anti-biotics, that when our son developed an ear ache last Thursday, my gut told me to aviod anti-biotics if possible. Here's the husband calls me at work at 4 pm saying Kyle has an ear ache and she he take him to the clinic. Well, our son stayed home from school only one day Wednesday with a cold, and this was only day 2.  When you take your kid in for a continuing cough, etc., they always ask "how long has this been going on?" - and if it is less than 2 weeks...they say it is viral, time will take care of it and if symptoms persist in 2 weeks, come back.
From experience, I figured the doctor would not do a lot for someone on day two of a cold. So I told my husband it would probably be a waste of time. Fast forward 1.5 hours...
We're having dinner and our son is eating with one hand over his ear - it hurts. At 6:30 he is supposed to report to school for the last band concert of the year. His whole purpose in staying home Wednesday was to be better so he could play at the concert.  He was really in no shape to play in the concert.
Jesse wondered about taking our son to urgent care...I thought about drugs possibly being administered, and it would surely mean missing the band concert.
I sprang into action...on the internet. Found  and there I saw several reports of people talking about ear ache relief with olive oil, onion and garlic. I recalled how a chiropractor we used to see, when our son was a tot, had us put garlic oil drops into his ears for an infection. Garlic kills the bacteria inside the ear.  Apparently, per this site, onion helps alleviate pain. There were several suggestions and remedies on how to use onion. Not one remedy had all three ingredients being used together, and indeed one of the latter site respondents questioned this. So did I!
Time was running out - it was now 30 min. before band concert report in time. I decided to put extra virgin olive oil in the bottom of a saucepan, had the Ninja quickly chop some onion, and pressed garlic into the oil as well. I sauteed the mixtured for about 7 minutes. Using a fine wire mesh strainer, I strained the mixture, which left a garlic and onion infused oil in the bowl. We did not have an ear dropper, but Jesse found a pipette. I used it to draw up a bit of oil, and allowed it to cool, so it was warm and not hot. I had Kyle lay on his side and put about three drops in the ear.
We waited. In three minutes he said he felt a pop, and then a lighter pop - and the pressure was relieved. (Not a painful burst, mind you.)  It was not 100% better immediately, but better. He rested for about 10 minutes and then he got into his concert attire - and we raced off to school.
Fortunately his sore ear was facing out of the band pit, which meant the row of instruments behind him were not blaring in to it. His ear was quite red though!
By the time the concert was over, his ear was normal in coloration and he said it felt fine - no pain. Amen for that!
Friday he was good for school, with just a bit of cold symptoms remaining. Saturday he said he felt a low ringing in his ear, and although he held his ear, he said that was more for himslef than it was being a need. Sunday there was no longer a ring tone in his ears. 
I will be doing this again if our children experience ear aches. (Not the same as an all out infection.)  It worked pretty fast as well, and saved us a trip and hours at urgent care.

To your health!
Rita S.

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