Monday, July 25, 2011

Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream - Part 2

Previously I shared how, where and when to apply progesterone cream – based on various resources and information provided to me. Generally, I am in agreement with the statement that “more is not always better”. However, I have seen a flip side to that coin – a side that Dr. Michael Platt shares in his book, “The Miracle of Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream.”
It’s important to understand that in his book, Platt shares patient case histories of which these people had not found relief for many years from the standard medical establishment. In approaching Platt for help – they were very desperate, and quality of life had been stripped away, often worsened by prescription drugs and a “band-aid approach” that were administered to them. Platt advocates for 100 mg. of bio-identical progesterone cream a day, whereas Dr. Lee John Lee feels there is no reason to dose that beyond which the body would normally produce in a day (30-40 mgs). As I mentioned in part one, I utilize 40 mg a day, which has contributed greatly to my ease of weight loss.

Dire Straits…
I have a friend with fibromyalgia. When I read the chapter in Dr. Platt’s book on fibromyalgia I saw my friend completely in the case study presented. I’ve known a long time that my friend was/is estrogen dominant – with complaints of hot flashes, brain fog, migraines, and a body shape prevalent in estrogen dominant women as described by Dr. Lee. After reading Platt’s book I knew I could no longer hold my tongue… I had to share with my friend that progesterone cream could very well improve her quality of life. She agreed to give the Prolief a try, and took my instructions for diet change somewhat to heart. With the Prolief I gave her the “how to” handout provided by Dr. Stacey Bean.
About a month later I receive an SOS call on a Monday friend had had a terrible day. She had attended a meeting that day and everything that was said made absolutely no sense. Her brain was in such a fog she could comprehend nothing, and felt like she had lost her mind. My friend was at the end of her rope and the distress in her voice was quite apparent. I had left a message a few days earlier, telling her I had to share with her what I had read in Dr. Platt’s book about fibromyalgia. She was ready to listen…and I quickly read parts of the chapter to her over the phone.
Again, I stressed the importance of gluten-free – which can be key factor in contributing to auto-immune disease. A person may not test positive for a gluten allergy, but the body can still react to it – gluten is highly inflammatory, and people with auto-immune are especially sensitive to inflammatory foods. I reviewed the 28 Day Jumpstart Elimination Diet with her again, put together by Cambiati Wellness. My friend said she had to do something, and would be more coachable and listen to my advice regarding diet changes.
I then shared Dr. Platt’s thoughts on progesterone dosage – being that he recommends 100 mg of USP progesterone per day. It seemed his patients were about as over the top symptomatic as she was, and suggested she consult with her doctor on progesterone dose, and also recommended her thyroid (important to test for TSH free) be checked (as fibro and hypothyroid go hand in hand).
My friend decided to increase her progesterone dosage to 3x a day – for a total of 60 mg of USP progesterone. Later that week, on Friday, I was teaching a hormone balance class in town, and I invited my friend to join us and learn more on the topic. When the Prolief was brought up she piped right up, and shared with everyone how desperate she had been five days ago. By increasing her dosage the brain fog lifted and she could think clearly again, and the pain in her arms had notably improved. Even I was surprised to learn of her body’s quick response to the additional progesterone, and I could hear hope in that voice for the first time in a long time. I guess that is why I love my job with Arbonne so much – nothing makes me happier than helping people feel better. I have an opportunity to make a real difference in this world…and that is why I am passionate about sharing my journey to restored well-being with all of you.
To your health!
Rita S.

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