Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Benefits of Green Tea

I have shared previously benefits of green tea – you can find those when you search for green tea within my blog. Today may be a partial recap, but Dr. Andrew Weil’s e-news of the day shares five reasons why green tea is his beverage of choice. I thought I would pass along his words of wisdom:
1. Lower cholesterol levels and rates of heart disease.
2. Helps protect against bacterial infections
3. Promotes joint health and stronger bones.
4. Reduces inflammation.
5. Enhances the effects of antibiotics, even against drug-resistant bacteria and super bugs.
Green tea is a potent source of catechins – antioxidants that inhibit cancer cell activity and help boost immunity.
The most common objection I hear about green tea is “I don’t like the taste.” I have to admit, years ago that was my objection as well. When I first tried the Essentials herbal detox tea with milk thistle for liver support, I wasn’t grooving on it right away – because let’s face it, green tea is a far cry from chocolate macadamia nut coffee! But as I sipped the tea I began to enjoy the flavor. Mentally, if you KNOW what you are drinking is going to provide amazing health benefits inside your body, the taste becomes pleasurable. Dear readers, I have said this before and I will repeat myself – our bodies are wired to eating garbage. Mine had been programmed for years to eat the processed, unhealthy choices I was making – I had formed brain triggers to crave these unhealthy foods!
Once you make the decision to eat healthier it has to become a mindset. You don’t try something once, and go “yuck” and quit. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE! What is going to happen to your body if you continue to drink a diet soda (or more than one) every day? Have you seen that list of aspartame effects I posted a few weeks ago – holy cow! Drinking poison would at least be a quicker and perhaps less painful death!
Where are you headed in your health journey? I see the big picture, do you? Doctor up your tea if you must. I recommend agave nectar over honey for the lower glycemic index, or Stevia - a natural sweetener often found in individual packets. Do not use artificial sweeteners! Freshly squeezed lemon might also make a nice addition to your green tea- don't use the processed stuff in a bottle.
Dr. Russell Blaylock states in his August newsletter, and I firmly believe this is true: “…when God made man, he made plants for use as man’s medicines. When we look closely at how these incredible plant extracts can work on a molecular level, it becomes obvious they were created to work with our cells and tissues, both to protect us and to cure many of our diseases. Evolution simply cannot explain the relationship between man and his environment.”A few weeks ago I saw a video as a part of the Truth Project –Science part 2. There was a powerful computerized animation of how our body is made – DNA, cell structure, molecules – transporters, messengers, connectors – we are truly miraculously made, and not a random creation out of chaos. God created man along with plants and animals, not skyscrapers and pollution. He provided everything we needed to live a life filled with pure, safe and beneficial goodness. As hard as it may seem in this modern day of living, I think it is worthwhile to try and reclaim as much of what God had intended as we possibly can.

To your health!
Rita S.

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