Monday, October 31, 2011

A great resource site for cancer

Hi All,
I have had such a busy month - doing more class presenations and getting the word out on steps one can take to help live healthier and hopefully cancer free; rather than post each day as I had hoped.
Just a bit ago a cancer survivor friend from the warm southwest sent me an email. She was thrilled to stock up on her Re9 products so she could feel good about what she was putting on her skin - I remember when she first started using the products and how they helped revive her dry and damaged skin ...after effects of chemo and cancer treatment.
She also sent me a link to an on line article, from a site that she as a cancer survivor must frequent for the latest updates and news on overcoming cancer. For these remaining hours in October, I thought I would share the link here. I encourage you to poke around the site and read up on the various articles, especially the one on progesterone.
I hope to look into the mission statement and organization of this group a bit more and find out if it may be another consideration for prevention donation.
I hope you find useful info on this site as I did!
To your health,

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