Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Food Pyramids - Go Green!

People want to know, "what did you do to lose weight and keep it off?"  Quite simply, I made a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  Diet is not in my vocabulary.  I did not eliminate all carbs, nor did I pump up, and plump out, on enormous amounts of meat.  I did not become a vegetarian, nor did I head to the south beach.
COMMON SENSE.  That's really it, in a nut shell. (Nuts are GOOD FATS, by the way!)  I did not read a diet book, join a club, or a program in which I had to weigh in weekly or pay a fee to have someone tell me what I should and should not eat. I DID NOT count calories, and the health newsletters I read would totally agree with that.   We need calories - but there are good calories, bad calories.  Our bodies NEED FUEL - good energy.    Green food is fuel for your body, consume lots of brown food, sugars, simple carbs and you may as well be pouring battery acid in. Okay, maybe that's an extreme analogy - but acidic food is TOXIC food and promotes ill health and disease.
Check out the Healthy Living Cheat Sheet below. If you need a jump start to healthier living this guide has helped 100s of people.  Most of us have addictions, and we don't even know it. We are addicted to sugar - no less a drug in our body than perhaps a weed. Caffeine, akin to alcohol. Simple carbs - another word for "joint pain".  Artificial sweeteners - have you seen the commercial of the egg frying on hot pavement "this is your brain on drugs?" - well, don't be fooled by your diet sodas - it is pretty much an equivalent to frying your brain cells!
You may think this a little harsh, but the truth can be just that.  I am not saying you need to curb all your addictions at once...I backed off more slowly, 50%, then 75% and now I would say I eat alkaline about 85-90% of the time. I did not do a 30 Day Detox until I had already lost 62 lbs, and at the end of those thirty days I had lost 16 more!
For some - a jump start - cold turkey on all the allergenic foods in Step 1 are the only way to go. Those with serious addictions will likely experience headaches by day three. BUT if you stick with it, by the end of the first week you are going to feel SO MUCH BETTER!
If you can eat clean and green you may not need to incorporate a vegan (pea. brown rice, cranberry) protein shake - whch is pH correct for your body, into your lifestyle. For myself, I needed a convenience button and the Essentials shake fit my needs, not to mention I made up some pretty delicious concoctions! Dessert for breakfast-  I like that very much! (LOL)

I did not create the plate diagram above, but I do want to clarify the protein section. This does not mean an 8 oz steak every day, taking up 1/4 of your plate is acceptable! Dr. Russel Blaylock stated, in one of his newsletters, that  12 oz of red meat is all we need in ONE WEEK! Research is showing that iron toxicity is prevalent in almost all forms of cancer. And if you are not eating grass fed, organic beef....well then, forget it if you think you are eating healthy. Paleo people - be warned that excessive amount of MEAT is acidic and cancer cells thrive on an acidic state of being. There are plenty of low carbers out there who also think they can eat meat to their hearts desire and not have ill effects. Yes, you may lose weight initially, and perhaps permanently if it keeps you off the sugars and simple carbs, but people who eat healthy get cancer, too. I would almost be inclined to say that vegetarians perhaps have it down right, regarding healthy eating. But unbeknownst to many of them - SOY is not a HEALTH FOOD.  Not by the time it goes through American processing (which makes the end product acidic). GMO is an entire issue with soy, and even organic soy absorbs more trace metals from the ground than any other plant in the plant kingdom.
More than 50%, I would even suggest to make 75% of your plate GREEN. Healthy nut choices can be included in that. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil on your salad. Cut up half a lean chicken breast to go with your salad, and add some fresh fruit to your salad to brighten the flavors. It is amazing how vibrant and delicious a salad becomes when you add a variety of toppings to your dark green GREENS (iceburg lettuce is NOT a health food - avoid it as it equals empty calories).
And for the record, unless I am detoxing I treat myself...if you have behaved all week long, made healthy choices and stuck with it - by all means go out and treat yourself to a mocha, a scoop of ice cream, or a couple pieces of dark chocolate.  Depraved people have been known to eat an entire quart of ice cream or bag of chips in one sitting - don't do this to yourself.  Rewards - it's all about feeling better, having  more energy, and going GREEN!

To your health,
Rita S.

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