Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gaucamole - the NEW mayonaise!

I cannot believe I have not yet shared my guac recipe - not that it is difficult, but apparently I embellish mine a bit more than most.
I have developed a healthy habit of LOVING guacamole, as avocado is on the "approved" list for the 30 Day detox program that my husband and I do occasionally, and I am getting ready to do a mini two week detox before my trip to Vegas.
After learning that the avacodo boasts amazing benefits as a fruit, and is loaded with healthy OMEGA 3 I decided to work guacamole into my eating habits several times a week. Last week I discovered it made an amazing sandwich spread - and created the most mouth watering sandwich I have ever eaten.
I began with a slice of Cosi's multi grain flatbread - did you know you could get a loaf of that for 3.99? It is my only true gluten weakness, but at least it is whole grain...
The flat grain slice was cut in half to make a pita-like pocket. In this pocket I spread gaucamole on the top and bottom. I placed a bed of fresh, organic baby spinach inside, topped with cubed, grilled organic chicken, a couple dollops of mango salsa, and brought the sandwich together so the guac could blend within the sandwich.
One bite and I was in heaven!
My guac is a real taste bud treat. Onion and garlic are sauteed in olive oil, with a touch of turmeric sprinkled into the oil to prevent oxidation. I scoop fresh avocado into a glass dish, using a large spoon to chop it into small bits - adding in the onion and garlic, sometimes adding in more extra virgin olive oil (since I personally lack the good cholesterol I want to boost my numbers with Omega 3s). I love Penzey Spices "Mural of Flavor" spice blend - and generoulsy sprinkle and mix into my guac. If I have fresh romas on hand I will add finely chopped tomato, and/or sometimes I add in a couple tablespoons of mango salsa. All these flavors are a palatable delight, and create the best sandwich ever when this flavorful guac is used as a sandwich spread.
Often the mayo and salad dressings in a jar are laden with hydrolized soy oils, canola or other Omega 6s, which we get too much of. They may also include artificial flavor or color on the label, and likely have MSG, too. Guacamole is a much healthier sandwich spread option - give it a try!

To your health,
Rita S.

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