Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gone, But Never Forgotten

I know this man smiles down at me. His name is Marv. Many of you who read my blog were never privileged to have met him. When people pass on, as Marv did two years ago June 7, it is not uncommon for people to forget.  For me personally, and for many whose lives Marv touched - he will not be forgotten.
Marv left a legacy. He left his written word. He left his meditations on God's word for others, so that we all may grow closer to Christ, or perhaps come to know him for the first time. Marv planted seeds of faith, and this day those seeds are growing as others begin to develop a relationship with our Lord. I glanced at his writing for June 7 in his devotion, "God's Word Revealed", which I had the privilege of helping him publish, and he writes about the marriage covenant. Let man not divide a man and his wife. I am thankful to be yoked with a fellow believer.
This blog began while Marv was still with us, although his journey was near the end. I should clarify that to say his earthly journey, because frankly, Marv was excited to be going Home to his heavenly Father, although those of us who loved him wept openly at the thought of "losing him".
Marv had cancer. That nasty C word that I hate -  which drives my passion to educate others on lifestyle changes that may help prevent cancer. Even though Marv's children are adults, as am I, and although not his child by blood - we certainly adopted one another as a part of Christ's family.
For years my husband and I met with Marv and his wife, Carol, every Monday night for a bible study in our home. We did not break for summer, rarely for a holiday. It was a cherished time to be in the Word and really dig in to the verses and their meaning for us. We experienced times of renewed vigor in Marv as we prayed over him for his health and healing. We shared love and fellowship. Cancer broke Marv and Carol's marriage covenant - and she misses her brother in Christ more than she misses her husband.
Cancer can tear apart those family rituals, which is why I hate it. I don't even like the word hate, we are called to love, but in this case, I don't think God minds my pairing cancer with hate.
It is because cancer tears families a part that I vowed to take charge of my health and turn it around. I knew where I was headed ...and it was a dark path that likely included lots of medications that would have a ripple effect in degrading my health and quality of life even more. Gaining weight each year, my body feeling more worn with each passing day - I knew I was on the fast track to nursing home care. What right do I have to burden my children with the astronomical costs? And what right do I have to live my latter years in poor health, so that I cannot enjoy quality time with my family or they with me?
If you have not yet read "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer" by Dr. John Lee, Virginia Hopkins and Dr. David Zava - get it reserved at the library. Or spend $8 and highlight and revisit it often like I have. It is a book you will want to share with every woman you hold dear. Because of this book, my health has taken a 180 degree turn - and franky, a few paragraphs about nutrition was the catalyst. I did not do Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach, MediFast or any of those diets that focus on weight loss without long term, lasting effects.  More so, knowing what I now know about ingredients, healthy food choices, foods that we are brainwashed into thinking they are healthy...I will not touch a Yoplait yogurt, a Nutrigrain bar, or hydrolized protein isolates. I retrained myself how to eat. I learned about the pH of food, and processing that makes much of our grocery store food acidic and toxic.
I have made lifestyle changes that our entire family has embraced. Today a friend saw a photo of our daughter in first grade, next to one of her taken a few weeks ago - and he commented that he could even tell in her photos that she looks healthier since Arbonne came into our lives. For me personally, everyone has seen the change in me - 85 fewer pounds is not something people can miss. Some do not even recognize me if it has been a while. That makes me smile. I love my pure anti-aging products. :-) And I know Marv smiles down at me, too. I know he is proud of my accomplishment in becoming a healthy woman.
I know he is proud that I have found a way to serve others and educate people about making choices that will benefit their body. It is my prayer that I will  leave a legacy, as Marv did. I am thankful my business can leave a legacy to my children. More so, I pray that my legacy will be that of making a difference in people's lives...the baby who was born because his mother may have miscarried without progesterone cream - Dr. Lee provided the education and I provided the product. Or the person who is free of depression medication and who is able to think more clearly than she has in years since her own battle with cancer. My personal life change inspiring a woman who heeded my coaching for a lifestyle change and lost 50 lbs, and is still losing. People can enjoy greater health because of my teaching and coaching, and should something happen to me tomorrow, I know my team and collegues in the business will continue to educate and make a difference in people's lives.
Knowing how much I miss Marv, I know that Carol misses him even more. Please keep her in prayer this day, June 7, as we celebrate a life that left a legacy.  If you knew Marv, please read the book I mention above. What I learned could have helped Marv had I read it in the earlier stages of his cancer, and perhaps prevented it all together had I read it 15 yrs ago. Armed with knowledge, my husband uses progesterone cream in hopes that he will not venture down the same path as our dear friend. It is one thing to embrace death with excitement of going to heaven, but I would like to do so healthy to my last living day.

To your health, and to the memory of a man whose simple faith changed lives- praise God.
Rita S.

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