Friday, December 28, 2012

Eat! Don't Starve Yourself to Weight Loss

Vegetables2013 is not that far off and I know many are already contemplating their new year's resolutions.  I am forming a team for a 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge and a number of people are already "IN". I am excited for them, and for myself. The last time I did the challenge, with my husband, we both lost 16 lbs. in 30 days.  The best thing about that for me is that I had already lost 62 lbs. - so it was not simply a shedding of water weight!
My hope here is to start blogging a bit more regularly to coach those on my team, and others, taking up the AB 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge.  I plan to offer some tidbits of information, recipes, and things that have worked for me.  I have been where many of you may currently find yourself. I was 100 lbs. overweight, but I made up my mind that I would not continue on my unhealthy journey less I put our kids through the burden of providing nursing home care for me - which can put many families in financial straits. I see that often in my day job.
For those that have been following my blog, you already know that my journey to health shed 85 lbs off - my journey started fall of 2010 and I have maintained since April 2011.  However, I could stand to lose another 15 and go down one more size - that is my goal with the 30 Day Challenge and I plan to kick it up a notch this time around by incorporating a probiotic/prebiotic into my vegan and alkaline based protein shake each morning.  See yesterday's post for more on that, but I read that healthy gut flora is critical for successful weight loss.
Oh - and I will probably kick it up by doing some sort of exercise.  Yes... you heard right. My friends know I don't like to sweat. Reason is...if I were to work out in the eve I would have to actually refrain from going out and meeting people afterwards.  I am up too late to work out in the morning. I think an earlier bed time will be  part of my challenge to fit in exercise.
Planning ahead is key to any successful weight loss journey. Think about get a craving, or your stomach gives the hungry symbol...or maybe your are simply bored and want to eat ...your kitchen will either be your friend or foe.
If you are planning to gain more energy or lose weight in the new year, which is not that far off - start assessing your kitchen food  sources NOW.  What's in the pantry - processed foods with additives? Did you know that many additives, such as the myriad of glutamates, artificial sweeteners and such - actually trigger your brain to crave more food?  Diet soda is actually formulated to make you hungry. The  more hungry you are, the more you eat. The more you eat, the more weight you gain. The more weight you gain, presumably all the more diet soda you will buy!!  Contrary to what you think... food manufacturers are not all about YOU, they are all about their bottom line.
I love the insight from one of my holistic sources:
"A healthy diet does not mean a starvation diet. Hunger is a natural signal from your body telling you to eat. Don’t ignore it, eat when you are hungry. However, the key is to differentiate hunger from “habit eating” and to be selective about the foods, and quantity, you choose. Eating regular, nutritious meals that leave you full and satisfied will help you stick to your plan and reach your weight loss goals. Skipping meals will slow down your metabolism and cause you to overcompensate with a larger meal later on. When it’s time for a snack, avoid processed foods. Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, are filling and nutritious. Permanent weight loss happens when you have a healthy eating plan and stay in control of what you put in your mouth."
 The 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge is all about EATING food. Meals every 4-6 hours so that you do not feel compelled to snack, because you are not hungry. Having the right foods on hand is crucial to avoid temptation. We will not be counting calories, but we will be focusing on a greater ratio of alkaline based foods.  My team is growing but there is still time for you to join in if you desire to live more healthily in 2013!

To your health, 
Rita S

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