Thursday, December 27, 2012

Probiotics Important for Weight Loss

What if we could lose weight simply by taking the right probiotics?  In the August 2012 issue of the Blaylock Wellness Report reveals how the wrong gut bacteria contributes to obesity, especially visceral fat around the middle, which is the most dangerous type of fat to have. For readers of Purely Living, you are now familiar with Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon who left his practice to study nutrition to learn why he was seeing a significant increase of children with cancer in his practice, brain tumors in particular.
Blaylock's August report has recently been backed up by a Chinese study affirming Blaylock's findings. In short, certain types of bad gut bacteria trigger fat.  People who consume diets high in fat and carbs should be particularly concerned.  Such bacteria leave the colon and enter into the bloodstream, where the bacteria deposits into the fat cells, especially inside the abdomen, and triggers a state of inflammation. When this happens it contributes to metabolism abnormalties. Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, both derived from metabolism abnormalties, are significant players in gross obesity.
Eating Greek-style yogurt does contain good gut bacteria, but for two reasons that I can think of, it is not the best answer to the situation.  First, a serving of yogurt a day cannot provide the amount of probiotics necessary to turn your gut health around. It is important to supplement in addition to.  Secondly, and perhaps most important in my opinion, is that yogurt, being a dairy product - is in itself an inflammatory food. (Oh, and I should not forget to mention that it is also acidic based - but as we are discussing weight loss today, and not cancer prevention. I won't go into it, but for me personally, that is important as well.) Many are led to falsely believe that eating Greek-style yogurt will resolve all their good vs. bad gut flora issues. Marketing is a powerful thing.
Once good gut bacteria is established, drinking green and white tea also helps keep the good bacteria in your gut healthy. In addition, Blaylock writes that drinking green tea can aid in weight loss.
Blaylock states it is very important to avoid high fat diets, Omega 6, in particular, as well as MSG and other glutamates.Other food products, such as the flavonoids curcumin and quercetin, also protect good bacteria. 

For the 2013 Healthy Living Challenge I will be doing a few things differently this time around. 
First, I will be consuming a packet of Digestion Plus probiotics/prebiotics EVERY DAY in my vegan, alkaline based pea/brown rice/cranberry protein shake as I start out my morning.
Secondly, I will have a cup of Arbonne decaffenated detox tea each evening. This will help curb my desire to snack after 7 p.m., AND provide benefits that aid in weight loss.  Previously I have followed the 30 day Feeling Fit program, but did not incorporate these products daily.  I look forward to seeing the results I will experience in the 30 days and compare them to my 16 lb. weight loss in February of 2012.
As you consider your grocery list for healthy weight loss in 2013 - I encourage you to consider adding these products to your regimen for optimal results.

To your health,
Rita S.

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  1. Believe me only exercise and workouts would help you out for weight loss! Eat healthy and low calorie food would make you slim and trim. Exercise daily and review your weight loss progress. It will help you out for getting motivation!