Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One Week to 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge

We are one week away from starting our 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge. So far team TnT is 10 members strong.  More may be joining us - you are most welcome no matter where you live.  You are welcome to invite friends to join you, and the rest of us, in your journey to Healthier living.

TnT stands for TRANSFORMATION not TEMPTATION.  If you are participating in the challenge I would surmise that you desire transformation of some type- whether it be weight loss, increased energy, less joint pain - transformation is desired.  "Not Temptation" signifies the importance of resisting temptation during the 30 days  as many of us with have withdrawal symptoms from sugars, simple carbs, caffeine, and snacking after 7 pm.

NOW is the time to consume allergenic foods excluded from the program - either eat them, give them away, or have a New Year's Eve party so guests can consume. The  most difficult food to give up, from what I hear over and over, is CHEESE.  Yes, we are from Wisconsin and this is tough - but important. Remember, we cannot be tempted to eat that which is not in our presence.

NOW is the time to start putting your grocery list together comprised of very very few processed foods (exception of canned beans, tomatoes, gluten free crackers, gluten free, GMO FREE corn tortillas for guac dipping, and such).

NOW is the time to order any Arbonne Essentials products you plan to utilize.  In order for products to be in hand by Jan. 2 your orders would need to be placed by tomorrow, Dec. 27.  Most of you, if not all of you, are all "equipped for success" in this regard. The fewer products you have the more will power that may be required of you - depending upon your current eating habits. For example, those already drinking lots of water can continue to do so whereas those who drink diet sodas, and/or coffees, will benefit from the Fizz Sticks to replace the craving fro coffee/soda sourced caffeine.

Learn to read labels - I will be sending out an article soon to my team members that I had written last January for the community group I led and taught for making healthier food shopping choices. I am sure if you dig in my archives you will find a couple of posts on label reading. 

If you are ALL IN the challenge here are the foods you want to eliminate Jan. 2 through 31:
1. wheat/gluten (if using organic rolled oats be sure it is gluten free)
2. dairy/casein/whey
3. yeast
4. sugar
5. artificial sweeteners
6. alcohol
7. Vinegar (EXCEPT for Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar)
8. Caffeine (coffee and soda are out!)
9. Soy products, including soy cause (tamari may be used in stead of soy sauce as it is MSG and gluten free)

I plan to go into the whys and what fors of these foods in further detail, although my blog archives likely have them covered already.

Someone asked me about vinegar today and why it is off limits - basically it has to do with the fermentation process that takes place in the gut as a result, growth of yeast, etc.  Note that an exception is made for Bragg's Apple Cider organic vinegar...  This means the homemade raspberry vinagrette I made on the 22nd is OK during the program!

The Thursday evening, December 27 call in number to listen to the Kick off presentation live at 6:30 pm  is 712-451-6000 and enter in access code 709364 followed by the # sign to listen live to the presentation. Being there in person is best as you can sample various food recipes put together for us.  If you cannot do either please contact me for a dial in number that you can listen to as time allows.

To your health in 2013,
Rita S.

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