Saturday, March 9, 2013

EPIC Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

EPIC!  That is how my 10 year old described the gluten free sugar cookies I had made. I shared them with friends, who also gave two thumbs up.  I used an organic raw sugar, which has larger granules than the refined sugar I used to bake with. I wasn't sure if the sugar granules and crunch would appeal - but the feedback was positive, and in fact, people loved the sugar texture.
Because there is sugar in this recipe, this is not a CLEAN EATING or elimination diet friendly, but it is free of inflammatory gluten, dairy and soy. If you need to take a bakery treat to a school function or social event, there will be those who appreciate a gluten free alternative.  Easy to make, I hope you enjoy making and sharing these EPIC sugar cookies with your friends and family.

Gluten Free Almond Sugar Cookies - bakes approx. 24
Cream together:
1 cup of organic butter, softened
1/2 c. almond milk (soy free - we prefer Silk brand)
3 tsp. pure vanilla extract 
2 cups raw, organic sugar
1 tsp. pure almond extract

Lightly blend dry ingredients:
3/4 c. rice flour
3/4 c. almond flour
2/3 c. coconut flour
4 T. potato starch
1 t. baking soda
1 t. baking powder
Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix until batter becomes fluffy.  Drop by rounded teaspoons (medium scoop) onto a baking stone. Bake at 350" for 12-15 min. or until lightly golden. Do not underbake.

It's important not to use extracts with artificial flavoring as it is in actuality an excitotoxin. Imitation foods and flavors, a form of gluatamate, are not good for our bodies on a cellular level, and our body actually has a hard time excreting these foreign-like substances. Instead, they build up in our body and lead to health issues down the line when they begin to overpower the body.

Always bake with organic ingredients wherever possible. For money savings and ease in locating gluten free baking flowers, I have found to be a great resource. I do order a flour by the case, which equates to package of four, and should hold us over for some time since I have little time to bake. The original recipe for the above comes from the package of Bob's Red Mill coconut flour bag. Seeing soy milk in the recipe I immediately removed it as soy contributes to estrogen and is typically from GMO soybeans in the U.S., and is naturally high in glutamate, even if it is organic. Using almond milk iinstead, I also added in pure almond extract, cut back on rice flour and used almond flour.  Next time I bake this I may eliminate rice flour all together and see how the cookies turn out, as I would prefer to have as few flours as possible in my currently, varied gluten free pantry.

I hope you feel great, look great, and live great!
To your health, 
Rita Shimniok

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