Sunday, March 17, 2013

What You Eat Today Affects Your Life Years Down the Road

"In 1997, a report from Columbia University School of Public Health, New York, stated that 95% of all cancer is caused by diet and environment. Cancer doesn't just happen!...By learning how and why cancer develops, you can learn how to support your cells to prevent and reverse cancer. Even if cancer is highly advanced in your body, it is never too late to start the process of restoring health"  - an excerpt from the book, "Never Fear Cancer Again  - How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer" - by Raymond Frances, M.Sc

If you already have cancer - never give up hope! It is amazing what God has provided in nature for our use as healing foods. If you don't already, learn to LOVE broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, garlic, onions and ginger. Rich in flavonoids, which are critical for apoptosis (programmed cell death - critical in eliminating cancer cells from the body), anti-oxidants to control inflammation. Flavanoids suppress a cell-signaling molecule that generates inflammation and promotes cell growth - something you DO NOT WANT if you have cancer.  The cruciferous vegetables named above provide high doses of quercetin, curcumin and ellagic acid - so eat your brussel sprouts!  My family tried growing them last year and we had beautiful, bushy plants -but no sprouts.  Perhaps it was the drought, even though my husband diligently watered, but we are doubling the plants this year and we are going to learn how to prepare them to LOVE them. I should try juicing them as well, as cauliflower and brussel sprouts are best eaten raw, broccoli can be light steamed - for the most nutritional benefit.

But today, rather than focus on what one SHOULD put in their body - I want to share a topic that has come to forefront lately quite a bit in the various health newsletters, books and articles I am reading.  There is quite a bit of in depth information available, and I will go into further detail another time...but for now, I really want to make my friends aware that ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS in our foods is NOT A GOOD THING. I don't care how it is marketed, why it was created in a lab, what the supposed benefits are....the end result is the side effects are not worth it.

Artificial ingredients are not metabolised by our body as real foods are. In fact, the body has a hard time recognizing synthetic foods, and cannot break them down entirely. These food additives are stored up inside our body. These "frankenfoods" foreign substances build up - it is higly conducive to inflammation, numerous diseases and symptoms, including the manifestation of cancer cell growth.

You can be perfectly healthy, eat well, perhaps your only vice is diet soda.  Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, and most likely, artificial coloring. Over the years these foreign ingredients take a toll.  We are so used to "chalking it up as old age" when in reality, we don't have to become old and achy.

I encourage you to read labels, avoid artificial ingredients and take care of your self for the many days ahead.  Consuming products with aspartame, Splenda (sucralose), processed fructose, hydrogenated oils, etc. - all contribute to a toxic environment within your body...and eventually, a day will come ...granted it could be 50 years later, but a day will come when you attribute all your aches, pains, disease, and maybe even cancer - to getting old. When in reality our disease has been building through the years when we started ingesting ingredients we can't even pronounce.

To your health,
Rita S

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