Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Hungry For Change" - We All Should Be!

Our children, today's young people, is the first generation that is expected to have a shorter life span expectancy than their parents/ancestors. Does this bother you? It certainly does me!

Earlier this month I received a link to a trailer for a new documentary called "Hungry for Change".  It is yet another film about the food industry and how it is making us sick as a nation. I say "yet another" not because I think there are too many of these types of films, but because it is an indication that there is an urgent need to educate the public so that we make smarter choices for our own health, and that of our children. 

It's a trailer preview of a documentary that is not yet released - you can view the trailer until March 31.

I saw the trailer two weeks ago and it just came in my email again today as a reminder to preview before the end of the month. I don't know if there would be anything new for me in the full length film when released - but perhaps. It's a good reminder for our children to see these documentaries as well so they understand why our house is void of so many foods that their friends may have in their home. When our daughter asked for a snack the other day and all we had was apples, she wasn't thrilled. However, we did get to the store and restocked with organic carrots, and orange and red bell peppers washed and sliced into strips - one of her favorite snacks.

If you have not yet seen "Food Matters"   or "Forks Over Knives" you can check out trailers on YouTube. 

I know the South Central Library System has both documentaries as well as others. Watching these videos could be catalysts that help turn around your health, OR help prevent you from a future of Rx, disease, or cancer. Food Matters was a free download for one time watching from amazon.com  some time ago, but I am not sure if it still is.

God did not design us to get old and diseased.  But the foods in our grocery stores are doing just that to our bodies, and the drug companies are reaping the benefits. Disease, toxicity, lack of functioning immune system - and cancer rates are climbing, especially in our children. It's not coincidence. The foods God designed for us to eat can reverse symptoms and disease.

For your health - and for those that love you, I pray you check out these documentary trailers and consider checking the full version out of the library.

I thank everyone for the  birthday wishes, and like me, if you are not happy with your health, you CAN put it in reverse and turn back time and the affects of aging on your body! Nutrition based on whole foods vs. boxed and canned foods is key; and hormone balance is also a part of the equation. 

Love you all!

To your health - it is my goal to help you feel great, look great and live great!
Rita S.

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