Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Greatest Health Food Misconception

A new cooking show, called "Eating Allergen Free" or something like that, aired on PBS Create. It is the first time I caught a glimpse of the show and I was so excited to see a cooking show addressing the issue of food allergies.
I did not catch whom the chef was...if I did, I would write him, but instead...I am steaming a bit on my blog instead.
As the chef started preparing a ALLERGEN free dish from "whole, non-processed" foods - he stressed the importance of eliminating gluten and dairy. He then proceeded to start making mashed potatoes with SOY MILK!  I was appalled, quite frankly.
The process of converting soy beans to milk is not a wholesome, healthy choice.  The heat exposure affects the beans and is just one problem of many when addressng the unhealthy properties of soy beans.  I encourage everyone to read THE WHOLE SOY STORY - a book by Dr. Kaayla Daniel.

Per Dr. Russel Blaylock, a neurosurgeon out of New York, soybeans contain more GLUTAMATE than any other plant in the plant kingdom.  Organic soybeans are not excluded from this. Glutamates are BAD - to put it simply.  Glutamates affect brain cells, contribute to brain tumors, and as I learned in his September 2013 newsletter, play a huge role in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  All MS patients should cut glutamate (MSG is one well known ingredient) from their diet.

Thyroid disorders are considered to be reaching epidemic proportions. In my independent consultantng business, I would surmise that 1 out of 5 women I meet indicate thyroid problems on their profile card. SOYBEANS raise havoc with the thyroid hormone. Even if a person is not eating tofu or drinking soy milk...SOY is an ingredient found in nearly all processed foods in one form or another.

People with a thyroid disorder may have some outward appearances to indicate such a problem...water retention, puffiness around the eyes, or swollen looking facial features - are some tell tale signs that Dr. David Brownstein, a renown expert on thyroid disorders, discusses in hs book, "How To Overcome Thyroid Disorders".

Soy has estrogenic effects and therefore should be avoided by cancer surivor's who have had an estrogen dominant breast cancer, as well as cervical, ovarian and even prostrate cancer. It affects hormone balance.

Soy based baby formula's are banned in Europe for a reason...few of which have been cited here. Do you wonder why Europe bans soy baby formula but the U.S. has no such regulation?  Think about the agricultural soy industry in the U.S.  It comes down to the bottom line...the almighty dollar.

"But the Asians eat it and are healthy" might be thinking. In Asia soy is consumed more as a condiment, whereas we Americans tend to make it a substitue main dish ingredient.  Asian cultures also consume FERMENTED soy ...of which the fermentation process removes trypsin, a component of the soybean. Trypsin is found to promoteexcess cell growth, tumors in rats. (BTW - rats are used n research studies as ther metab0ilism closely resembles that of humans.)  Soy MILK is not a staple in Asia.

Should soy be avoided at all costs?  This is really up to the individual.  If thyroid is a concern, or you have MS - I would suggest avoiding soy based on all I have read. If you are healthy and eat primarily 80%  vegetables and fruit loaded with anti oxidants - your body can probably counter any ill affects from genetically modified and processed soybeans - and don't be fooled ...GMO soybeans are an American food staple.

Lots of inforamation is available to learn the tuth about soy. For your own sake, I encourage it.

To your heatlh,
Rita S.

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