Saturday, October 5, 2013

Are Your Genes Controlling Your Health

Nutrigenomics can overcome your genetic predisposition. Diseased cellls are FUELED by the choices you make, and unfortunately, sometimes those choices are made for us. (As an example, a lawn or city park that is sprayed by chemicals that drift into your "intake zone".  

Genetic tendencies, a family tree laden with cancer, does not mean you are assured of getting the disease - unless you continually think about it and as in many areas of our life, including our health "what you think about, you bring about". Fact is, a very small percentage of cancers are actually from genetic make-up - less than 5%. The majority of cancer is caused by environmental exposures.  This is a topic I have written about in great lengths - if any of you have beared with me on those particular posts.

For those concerned about genetic make up and disease - there is GREAT NEWS!  The field of Nutrigenomics has made great strides in recent years.  Holsitc wellness is CURING cancer whereas traditional treatment continues to poison the human body so that it often manifests as another disease, or different cancer, years later - per the holistic and alternative medicine books and newsletters that  I read.  A book I highly recommend is "Cancer is Not a Disease, It's A Survival Mechanism"..

Our genetic mapping begins in the womb, obviously, and it comes in part from the hormones of both parents...a lack thereof of one hormone or another will affect offspring. Some babies already have predispositions to certain traits, such as brain triggers, type 1 diabetes, from birth and early on in their lives.  This is one reason why, as an adult, having hormones tested is a good place to start if you have a concern of family health history.   DNA chains become genes and many many thousands of genes become cells.  

CELLS DIE. CELLS POPULATE.   100 billion red cells, 400 million white cells are produced every hour.

Back to cell death...apoptosis.  This is healthy...we WANT cells to die.  The trouble starts when cells do not die after they do their job.  This happens 94% of the time, because of environmental factors.  Genetics, as I mentioned, accounts for a scant percentage of cancer. In addition to the chemicals in our foods and hygiene products, X-rays, radiation and medication also play a role in contributing to cancer.  It stands to reason that if new cells are generating and "old" cells are dying and excreting from the body - that we can become a new being over and over again, and healthier every day if we cease exposure to environmental toxins and foods.

This article is three years old, and from all that I have read the science of nutrigenomics has advanced. There are nutrients that can flip the switch on a gene "just like that". 

Hormones also play a role - with estrogen producing the Bcl-2 cancer-causing gene, whearas progesterone produces p-53, the cancer-protective gene (1990 Formby and Wiley research published Annals of Clinical Laboratory Science)

Progesterone, a natural hormone made by both men and women, is the only hormone that can counter excess estrogen. Most people are out of balance, with the body containing more estrogen than progesterone.  Women are usually imbalanced by age 35. For one, we tend to use more hygiene products than  men, most of which have endocrine disruptors. 

Men's progesterone levels decrease by age 50 - allowing estrogen to get out of hand. Testosterone alone does not cause prostrate cancer...a common sense statement by Dr. Michael Platt in his book "The Miracle of BioIdentical Hormones", states that if prostrate cancer were caused by too much testosterone we would have an epidemic amongst 17 yr old boys. The first time I read that it was an AHA moment - makes a lot of sense, don't you agree?  I do believe that traditional medicine is finally catching one a little bit, as they give drugs that prohibit estrogen.  It's too bad, in my opinion, that more oncologists and men don't know that bio identical progesterone can do JUST THAT - keep the estrogen levels in check.    One study referenced in a book shows that enlarged prostrate reduces and prostrate cancer cells die when progesterone is added and brought back into balance.

Many auto immune diseases are also caused in large part by hormone imbalance and dietary choices.  A family history of disease does NOT DICTATE a future of the same.  Educate yourself on the particular "disease", or as author Moritz describes, a SYMPTOM you may be prone too.  THEN change your DNA by nutrigenomics.  Find a knowledgeable naturopath, and if one is not available to you - the books certainly are.  Many are found in your local library for FREE.

Take an ATTITUDE CHECK.  If it is "woe is me....I come from a line of XYZ disease so I know I will get it" - YOU WILL.  I encourage you to be an OVERCOMER!!   Take control of your CELLS - yes, you can! Fuel them with anti-oxidants that can overcome the free radicals that mutate cells.  Avod the endocrine disruptors.  Make healthy choices 80% of the time. Use pH strips to monitor your body's acidic vs. alkaline status, and if is on the acidic side - consume more anti oxidants n the form of vegetables to tip the scale towards alkaline.  Disease cannot survive an alkaline state. Which is another topic I will not get into...thanks for reading, I hope that this post gives you HOPE if you feel you have been dealt a deck of diseased. genes. It's how you play those cards that will determine if you WIN and enjoy health!

To your health, 
Rita S.

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