Monday, October 28, 2013

DNA Does NOT Repair in Cancer Cells

As I finalize my presenation for cancer prevention night, coming up Thursday, Oct. 30 at the local coffeehouse in Cross Plains at 6:30 (open to the public) - my son and I had a discussion on food choices, and cancer cells.

You see, they are learning about DNA in biology class ...and he tells me that broken strands of DNA repair is how the body is programmed.  He would argue that it is okay to eat toxic food now and then because the body will "heal thyself".  In a healthy individual, that eats primarily an 80% vegetable and fruit diet...yes, this is likely a true statement.

However, in searching for an illustration comparing healthy vs cancerous cells for my slide show - I came across a link that describes cancer. You can find the entire list here, but I have cut and pasted the article leading up to the point of disucssion above.
What is cancer?
- cancer comes from cells in a part in the body that begin to grow out of control
- normal body cells grow, divide, and die in a set system and pattern
- as humans grow older the cell division slow down... cells in adults only divide to replace old or dying cells or to repair injuries
- cancer cells continue to grow and divide- instead of dying they outlive the normal cells and form new abnormal cells
- the damage in the cancer cells that make them abnormal comes from damage in their DNA
- most normal cells with damaged DNA are easily repaired by the body
- cancer cells the DNA is not repaired by the body
- damage can come from genetics... or exposure to something... in the environment or an action (like smoking)
I also left the last line in - because EXPOSURE to SOMETHING, as in processed foods, acidic foods, chemically laden hygiene products...  factors that WE HAVE CONTROL OVER will be the topic of discussion this coming Wednesday evening at Crossroads Coffeehouse.
Make no mistake...we ALL have cancer cells in our body...the question is...are you going to FUEL them with your choices, or give your body the FUEL it needs to go to "battle" on your behalf and kill off the cancer cells?

To your health,
Rita S.

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