Monday, November 18, 2013

On Switches for Cancer

A couple of weeks ago, as a public service to the community, I presented Cancer Prevention Awareness Night - a free event whose sole purpose is to educate people on making smarter choices for long term health. You see, cancer is a disease as is diabetes, heart disease, auto immune... and all disease have commonalities when it comes to contributing factors.

I thought I would excerpt some of the information presented in my slides, as I have friends and followers across the nation that I know wanted to be be present at my presentation, but obviously could not.

Inflammation is a major player in cancer and all disease, but take a look at all the causes of inflammation! Granted, we cannot completely control our environment and exposures to toxins, BUT there are many choices we can make...of which we have complete control.

Take a look at the list...I will be covering each of these factors as my time permits. I apologize for not posting more frequently, but I do work full time, have my own growing health and wellness business, coach and help many people and read and study in my "spare time" that I can bring you potentially life saving information as a service to fellow human kind.

–Acidic vs. Alkaline pH
–Vitamin deficiencies
–GI Bacteria –good gut flora vs. bad
–Toxic overload
–Hormone Imbalance
–Oxygen depletion

–Sleep deprivation

What's important to realize is that genetic predisposition to cancer makes up a very small portion of diagnosed cases – less than 5. Medication (both Rx and OTC) and radiation are also damaging to cellular health, which is why choosing a healthy lifestyle is important to avoid meds as much as possible.
Rx is a leading cause of disease, 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.

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