Monday, March 24, 2014

Smart Balance is Not So Smart

Natural News reports today that Smart Balance spreads are to go non-GMO, however..." it is crucial that health-conscious folks recognize that even non-GMO Smart Balance is inferior to healthy fats like coconut oil, which contain higher levels of beneficial saturated fat, and pasture-based butter and lard for those who choose to consume animal products. Aside from its palm and coconut oil content, Smart Balance is loaded with inflammatory vegetable oils, preservatives and synthetic vitamins, none of which are health-promoting."

Learn more by reading the complete article at Mike Adams Natural News.

Purely Living readers are aware that I have read many books on cancer prevention, healinig from cancer, holistic and alternative health books, newsletters, research papers... etc.  The hydrogenated Omega 6 oils are a toxic poison to the human body, contributing to inflammation, depriving cells of oxygen...and considered to be a major proponent of disease and many of the health issues Americans face today.  Even though plant based ...the process of hydrogenation makes the end product an acidic and non-beneficial compound to ingest in the human body.

Marketing hype falsely leads us to beleive it is a "heart healthy" choice, when there could be nothing further from the truth.  Although my family is primarily dairy free..we do use organic butter when it is rarely used. Primarily, however, we simply use organic healthy fats - coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. I can't recall the last time I used butter on something.  As in my pancake post yesterday - fruit topping is really all one needs for a spread, or for sandwiches, nothing beats my homemade guacamole!

My family ensures our Omega 3 intake by supplementing to promote overall well-being, mental, joint, and heart health with a VEGAN brand by Arbonn which is very pure and free of ocean pollution - and provides more Omega 3s than 4 salmon steaks! My husband has personally benefited and was able to get off his high cholesterol meds over 3 years ago thanks to this supplement.

Be leery of the marketed heart healthy spreads full of Omega 6, for they will most likely "get you" in the later years. Make sure your Omega 3 intake is greater than your O6, and O9. Read the link to "healthy fats" above for one of my most trusted advisors in health and nutrition - Dr. Russell Blaylock.

May you feel great, look great, and live great through healthier choices!
Rita S.

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