Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cancer Cure - Discovered in 1931?

I find all kinds of interesting notes when I purge...just came across this one and don't want to risk losing it, so figured I would take a spring cleaning break and post this revelation made over 80 years ago.

 "Low levels of cellular oxygen breed cancer- increasing oxygen levels kills cancerous cells. In 1931 Dr. Warburg won a Nobel Prize for proving cancer is caused by lack of oxygen respiration in the cells."

As I read this (no doubt from one of the research papers/books I studied prior to presenting the October cancer prevention workshop)  I can't help but think that if this was realized in 1931, why in the world haven't we made huge leaps and bounds in cancer prevention/cure?

Although the answer is pretty obvious to me...there is no money in finding a cure....cancer is BIG business. But I won't get into that....

There are a couple of easy, natural ways to add oxygen to your cells. Top and foremost in my mind is 
1. Consume PLANT based foods. Increasing alkaline, or plant based foods
2. Reduce acidic levels, restoring proper pH to the body. An acidic body lacks oxygen.

Other tips:

  • Stay away from processed foods as much as possible.
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners, as well as refined process flours deplete oxygen from cells.
  • Animal derived foods fall below neutral pH, i.e. acidic based. Ensure you consume much more plant based foods than animal. (I don't advocate soy, btw, as it has its own issues in regards to promoting health issues.)
An easy way to add oxygen rich foods to your eating plan is by consuming freshly extracted juices and blending smoothies.  If you want to learn more and live in the Cross Plains, Wisconsin area you can come learn more about each method of consuming vegetables and fruits on Sunday, May 4th at 4 p.m. at Crossroads Coffeehouse, 2080 Main St., for the first ever VEGI THROW DOWN.  Bring washed fruits and vegetables and we will make a healthy style wapatui in the juice extractors and blenders we have on hand. The goal is to get the community and peoples from the surrounding area in tune with the benefits of eating healthy. 

If you like to hike, meet in the parking lot at 2:30 for a choice of an easy hike alongside the creek, or a more vigourous, but wild flower enhanced hike, at Swamp Lovers, also known as the Table Bluff Segment of the Ice Age Trail. To find it take Hwy. 14 west out of Cross Plains, turn right on KP, and take a left on Scheele Rd. Swamp Lovers/IATA will be on your right side...park alongside the the gravel drive before the gate. Meet on location at 2:45 or car pool from the Crossroads parking lot at 2:30, after dropping your vegis/fruits off inside.

Take a DEEP BREATH for and to your health!
Rita S.

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