Saturday, April 19, 2014

Last Words "It Is Finished"

TRINITY by Greg Landretti
For the past several weeks our place of worship has been doing a series of a messages on the Last Words of Christ. One message in particular, on March 23rd, was especially moving. Pastor Matt Metzger talked about the true meaning of GRACE, and the ultimate victory that the crucifixion of Jesus brings to mankind.
As Matt described what the words, "IT IS FINISHED", uttered by Jesus, and what those words mean for us, I doodled on my church bulletin. I had hoped to create an Easter greeting card, but that didn't  happen.
However, a new display of art by Black Earth artist Greg Landretti at Crossroads Coffeehouse in Cross Plains, WI is a wonderful illustration of grace.The outstretched arms of Christ...the wash of red symbolizing the blood of the Lamb being shed for our transgressions. Jesus' death gives all believers atonement, so that we can move forward and onward from our past. It gives us VICTORY over death!

S in
P ain
A gony
R emorse
E mbarrassment/Shame
D espair

When we ask Christ into our hearts, return to the Father Creator, and allow the Spirit to work within us...we experience the Trinity. God is not dead, He is most definitely alive in each of us, once we make the decision and ask Him to be present.
Greg named his sculpture "Trinity". Inspired by a twig Greg found while many times do we see a Y shaped twig and think of Jesus dying on the cross for our transgressions? Me... not once. God was at work here.   I absolutely love this sculpture...check it out if you visit Crossroads. (Greg has a series on steel metal sculptures, unique and interesting, depicting emotions, challenges, etc.)
"It Is Finished"  (John 19:30) declares from the cross that DEATH is finished. It has lost its sting for VICTORY over death is the hope that all believers hang onto, it is what brings us true matter what life throws at us.
On this, my favorite of all holidays, it is my wish that you find true joy in your heart...because like that broken twig, God the Father is ready to heal the broken pieces of your life when you accept the gift of grace that Jesus gave for not only all people, but YOU.

Blessings this Easter,
Rita S.

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