Friday, October 24, 2014

Quest for the Cures - Breast Cancer Diagnostics

If you haven't heard there is a series of 11 documentaries currently being shown for free - Quest for the Cures. You can still sign up to view all eleven - which are being re-aired tomorrow, Oct. 25th.

The documentaries include a number of oncologists who are "coming out of the closet". Their conscience can no longer handle the guilt of remaining silent about what they know is causing cancer - whether it is the diagnostic tools or the actual treatments.  Episode 7, as an example, a doctor talks about mammograms and how it is a terrible test and causes breast cancer.

Thermography is a great diagnostic tool and THE best way to screen. No breast smashing, no cancer causing radiation, and it will indicate areas of concern 10 years before a mammogram. Cancer cells appear long before a lump will form - which takes about 8 years before a mammogram or ultrasound will detect it. By then you are talking about 1 billion cells and it is shedding cancer cells through the body.  It is NOT early detetction, but a propagated lie.  Not the screening - but the fact hat mammography is not truly EARLY detection. Get your THERMOGRAM!! It is the only TRUE early detection.

 If you have a lump, an Ultrasound - or test of anatomy - is the way to go. Sensitivity of an ultrasound is 80% and up - which

You may ask, "if thermography is better, why are mammograms pushed so much?"  Keep in mind the mammogram machines are already in place and they need to be paid for.  If you get enough mammograms increases a woman's risk of cancer by 2%. So if you keep getting the mammograms you WILL eventually find cancer.

Today's medicine is being described as FEAR MEDICINE.  We, as a population, are scared into doing what ever we are told....because we trust medicine and we fear cancer.

Tamoxifin is another drug a doctor that doctor says, assures repeat business for oncologists. There are a number of natural estrogen blockers

Lastly, as people are focused on donating in October - as it wraps up please reconsider any donations you feel you want to give Komen foundation or American Cancer Society. Know where the money goes...if you think it is cancer research - think again.  A former head of the FDA said you will never see clinical trials or studies on natural cures or supplements for cancer.

I realize this post may seem a bit random. I was typing the notes from the interviews with these doctors as they spoke.  I do hope you will visit the link and subscribe to learn more about cancer truths.

To your health!

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