Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quality Multi-Vitamins - Are You Worth It?

A client commented today about Daily Essentials women's vitamins: "For me, I’ve always wondered why I had digestive issues, since I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, and drink water throughout the day… but this has absolutely changed since starting the vitamins, within a week… I’m not sure what it is, but has to be it.  I have done nothing else to my diet or routine.  Honestly, I feel better, too, but that seems to make sense.  Everything’s connected, somehow, in our bodies.  I am a believer in these vitamins.  They may be pricey, but I have seen very real results, and very quickly."
Indeed, results are a powerful testimony. My husband and I both began using Arbonne's Daily Essentials Power Packs in February.  I was eager to see if my husband noticed a difference, in particular, with prostrate health as I have already heard a number of testimonies shared by men in regards to improved plumbing.
However, apparently my hubby's plumbing is fine - what he HAS noticed are changes I had not really expected.
The first thing he commented on was improved breathing. He no longer has difficulty breathing, and guess what the results of that are? LESS SNORING!!!  He is sleeping better because I am no longer tapping him multiple times a night and asking him to turn onto his side. Praise the Lord for this result - totally unexpected, but oh what a blessing!
Another comment he made was that his typing speed has improved greatly. He feels he has more clarity of mind, his brain is functioning better. Well, that is pretty cool, too!
Jesse and I both recently finished the "Jumpstart - 28 Days to Healthy Living" program, which is not so much a diet as it is a lifestyle change. For those 28 days we eliminated dairy, gluten, soy, caffeine and wheat products. He began the vitamins about the same time. At the end of the 28 days he had his blood drawn for a cholesterol check, and praise be to God - the "bad cholesterol" levels dropped in half and he is off statin drugs! This was at the top of my 2011 goals - to help coach my husband into getting off those drugs which can cause Alzheimer's later in life, amongst other bad side effects. When we are empty nesters I want him to know who I am! I am absolutely thrilled at this result, as is he.
Now that "28 days" is over - I think he has added back in just about every allergen food we cut from our diet - within a few days. So much for the recommended one by one reintroduction to see if he has any adverse effects. Oh well...he does intend to maintain his new lower cholesterol levels and has no intention of returning to his former meal routine. He will still have an Essentials protein shake a couple of mornings a week and salads for lunch a couple of times as well.
As a family I can attest to a built up immunity for all.  Our 8 yr old daughter took ill with the dreaded influenza last week - the high fever/cough one that has been going around. It has taken some people down for 2-4 weeks - it's a nasty virus!!  I guess we need to count our blessings that our daughter was down with the fever for only 2.5 days, and the cough lingered for about five total. She is not one to eat her daily "kids'chew" vitamin without cajoling - but I believe she may now be convinced at how beneficial they are.
Our son, on the other hand, who is a teenager, sets his chew out every evening when he gets things ready for his breakfast in the morning. He is a creature of good habits. When my daughter became sick I instructed everyone in the house to take a 3 oz shot of the Anti-Oxidant and Immunity Booster, which we all did for 3 days. (Ok, I know I did as did our son...not sure what my hubby did - he is a grown man afterall and can do what he wants...)  Suffice it to say - no one else in the house became sick.
I am surrounded by sick people lately. When I volunteered at school recently I had kids coughing right into my face (hmmm, ever heard of covering your mouth?), my boss gets sick a lot (that's what he gets for drinking Red Bulls and eating poorly)...but, PTL, I have not gotten sick.
Our family has made a lifestyle change in the direction of eating better. The only one who really does not is our picky 8 yr. old who despises broccoli and spinach, barley (seriously, there is no taste to barley so I don't get that), etc.  We are taking our multi-vitamins, and I feel we are all healthier than we have been in years.
I am reading from a new book called "The Metabolic Typing Diet". I have not gotten too far into it yet, but for anyone with an auto-immune diesease - I can already recommend this title. The quote is from page 57 and reads, "True good health is not a condition that is merely free of adverse symptoms. It's a state of dynamic well-being, one that is reminiscent of childhood exhuberance and joy. When your body is functioning the way it is desired to function, you should be experiencing boundless energy at all times, a keen awareness of your surroundings, a very strong and positive emotional state, and a natural love and zest for life."
When I read that I realized, "hey, that's me!!"  In a few days I will be 48 years old. I used to look ahead to a birthday with unpleasant thoughts - aka "another year older another 10 or 20 lbs." But not anymore!!  I am embracing my age because I truly feel 20 years younger. You can turn back time when it comes to aging. I never thought I would be that person, but I am living proof.
When people say, "quality multi-vitamins are so expensive!", I admit, they are! They cost much more than the cheap "natural" vitamins we were getting from Shopko or Walgreens. We have no six figure income. My family rarely goes to the theatre for a movie, we do not have exorbitant cell phone costs, Kindle this, i-phone that...  We have cut back on eating out, because frankly - we have no control over ingredients when we eat out. We no longer buy processed foods - and you may be surprised how quickly those convenience foods add up! Our budget is focused towards healthy living - fresh produce, quality, lean meats, bulk organic grains...and vitamins with an ORAC value of 8000. What this means for us is our bodies are actually absorbing that which we spend our money on, versus flushing it away as wasted dollars.
We feel great, and there is nothing I want more for my family than for all of us to feel and be healthy. Gadgets cost money. Entertainment costs money. So do quality supplements...but the result of the latter is not a fleeting couple of hours of enjoyment, but a body that functions as it is designed to, and we have zest for life. Now that, my friends, is priceless!

To your health!
Rita S.

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