Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Caffeine In Our Drugs, or Go Natural?

Today I learned that many of our prescription drugs contain caffeine, such as Ritalin and Foculan, to help the mind focus. It is even more interesting to consider that guarana, found in fizzy tabs, is a slow release caffeine that I had blogged about a short while ago. I know that a fizzy tab drink definitely helps me out come mid-afternoon, after a late night blogging, such as this one.
One mom, Dr. Molly Geil (psychologist), found that along with Omega-3s, the combination of B vitamins and caffeine in Fizz Tab drinks help her son, diagnosed with ADD, to focus. Molly also feels that Daily Essentials offer supplements that benefit every family member.
Diet is always a key factor in any illness. In fact, The Metabolic Typing Diet, a book I started reading today, greatly suggests that just about every ailment (which is NOT including broken bones, etc.) begins on the inside with nutrients and how your body metabolizes food. Regarding behavioral issues such as ADHD and ADD, Dr. Russell Blaylock cited in a recent newsletter that ALL processed foods should be eliminated from the diet. Many contain MSG which is a known "excitotoxin". Sugars, soy, soda, perhaps even gluten - every body reacts differently to these common food allergens and should be eliminated, and subsequently watch for behavioral changes as a food substance is added back in.
I had already learned that Fizzy tabs containe taurine for mental clarity and focus. I had not ever really heard of taurine before recently, and found there is a lot out there in cyberspace about it. That post will be coming up tomorrow so stay tuned!

To your health,
Rita S.

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