Friday, October 7, 2011

How To Avoid Faux Estrogens

This evening I am spending some time gathering links to articles and information that can be of benefit to a friend's friend who recently found "a lump" and is scheduled for a biopsy this coming week. In doing so, I came across a new resource that I wish to share with all my readers.
I encourage you to check out the site, and I wish to give this site credit for the information I am sharing below, as it is a direct cut and paste.
It has already been established that if you live in the United States or other industrialized nation, you are exposed to foreign hormones (xenohormones) every day. These can be absorbed into your system by digestion, inhalation, or direct skin contact.
There are simple steps everyone can take to protect themselves from estrogen mimickers found in xenohormones (chemicals) and phytoestrogens (certain foods and plants). I recommend that you:
1. Buy organic foods when at all possible. If you can’t go all the way for any reason, avoid hormone treated meats and poultry at all costs.
2. Drink filtered water. Researchers worldwide have observed fish switching gender due to the high level of effluent estrogen in the water. The problem is attributed to high levels of synthetic hormones excreted by women using synthetic HRT or on birth control pills. Our water treatment facilities are not designed to remove hormonal pollutants.
3. Throw away all pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.
4. Throw away all cosmetics that have toxic ingredients and switch to organic or “clean” cosmetics.
5. Throw away all nail polish and nail polish removers.
6. Use organic soaps and toothpastes.
7. Don’t use fabric softeners as they put petrochemicals right onto your skin.
8. Use only naturally based perfumes. Most perfumes are petrochemically based.
9. Do not drink beverages from plastic bottles. All plastic leaches xenoestrogens into the environment.
10. Do not microwave food in plastic containers and avoid using plastic wrap to cover food for microwaving.
11. Wash your food well to rid it of pesticides.
12. Beware of noxious fumes given off by carpets, copiers and printers, nail & hair salons.

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