Saturday, October 8, 2011

Say No To GMO Foods, Buy Organic

Yesterday I posted a list found at - a list that can help you AVOID cancer. Now granted, there are some things on that list we cannot control... city parks departments spraying our children's play parks with herbicides, water treatment facilities inability to remove HRT chemicals from waste...or can we? Think about that one.
The first item on the list is BUY ORGANIC. Now, my intention today was to "skip over organic" as I have covered this previously, and focus on #2 and #3 from the list. However, information I received yesterday is too important to share. So on we organics.
Yes, organics do cost more. If more of us would do it the law of supply and demand would bring the price down. Redirect your spending. If you cut back or eliminate the processed foods, that contribute to cancer in the first place, and use that money towards organic - it's a wash - and everyone in your family is healthier because of it.
Previously I have provided a recipe for a produce was that you can use for all produce, non-organic and organic. It's important to know that pesticides and herbicides often get beneath the skin surface of your fruit, and as was mentioned the other day, California grapes are predominant in fluoride, which is a contaminant in the fertlizer used on the crops.
Just yesterday Dr. Mercola's web site sent out a video informing us about genetically modified fruits and vegetables that are "manufactured" to resist Roundup herbicide. How can they do this? Per Mercola,"The vast majority of processed foods containing corn, soy, or canola, or any derivative thereof, are made from genetically modified 'Roundup Ready' crops, which have never been proven safe for human consumption."
The detrimental effects of Roundup are well documented. You can read more about one such report here. In fact, if you have ever used the product (yes, guilty!!!) the warning label speaks volumes. If you have it in your shed or garage - go read the label!
Argentina is a huge grower of Roundup resistant soy beans, a GMO food, andis a huge contributor to the U.S. processed food manufacturers. But GMO is not only found outside our borders... The report continues, "Unfortunately for American consumers, the United States is a major grower of genetically modified crops. For example, in the US, over 90 percent of all canola grown is GM Roundup Ready canola, as is about 90 percent of US soybeans, and about 70 percent of all corn and cotton. And according to the featured report, industry and regulators KNEW that glyphosate causes deformities as early as the 1980's, but withheld the information from the public…"
Common GMO foods include:
-Soy (clever "healthful" marketing has done a good job at deceiving us about his product, which goes beyond GMOs)
-Sugar from sugar beets
-Hawaiian papaya
-Cottonseed (used in vegetable cooking oils)
-Canola (canola oil)
-Some varieties of zuchinni
-Crookneck squash

You can find a Say No To GMO shopping guide here.
In your own home, you can:
1. Avoid using glyphosate-containing weed killers on your lawn and garden, and...
2. Buy organic foods to avoid both genetically modified crops and agricultural chemicals like glyphosate.
I feel it is important for my readers to know that I have personally verified with the company I work for that NONE of the ingredients used in any of our products, whether it be nutrition or skincare, are dervied from genetically modified plants. I am proud to work for a company that was green before green was cool, 32 year history of GREEN.

To your health,

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