Sunday, November 20, 2011

Giving Back With My Business

Today we kicked of the Advent Conspiracy at our church with messages of hope. We heard from key people serving in our community with Boys & Girls Club of America, R.E.S.P.E.C.T., and Middleton Outreach Ministry. This is the fourth of fifth year we will be involved. It helps us, as a family, to refocus the commercialism of the season to the real reason - the birth of Jesus Christ and the salvation He came to give.
In my home business, I love to see those who have already been successful give back. Two weeks ago when one of my friends received the keys to her earned Mercedes Benz - we celebrated with her. She shared with us, James, the child they support through Streams of Mercy. Prior to her network marketing business her family could have never afforded "extras" such as this.
As in past years I am collecting Toys for Tots for the U.S. Marines. If you are in Cross Plains, Wisconsin - look me up on facebook for drop locations prior to December 7. I am also in process of organizing a community caroling event which will also collect non perishbables. I will keep you posted on this as arrangements are made.
I do have bigger dreams of making a an independent consultant for AB International - my greatest vision extends beyond providing transportation for my family that is safe and won't break down. My sister's family works with Lifeline - a mission focused organization and they volunteer in Haiti. I was once told that materials to build one of the small homes, made with homemade bricks, costs about $500. Wouldn't it be cool to provide $2000 and tell my sister's family to "go build 4 homes"? Years ago, with my back being in such bad shape, mission work was not even a question. But who knows...the way my health has turned around with Essentials and losing 85 lbs. - perhaps I will be called to travel with my daughter in the future, to serve together as a family on such a trip. With God, anything is possible!
One of my greatest desires, that stems from 1999, when my husband and I first considered adoption, has been to create a foundation that provides scholarships. Not to students or children, but to parents who desperately want to open their home and love a child, but have no financial means to adopt. This is a heart breaking situation to be in. If it were not for 911 and the huge drop in interest rates, we would have never afforded the loan that allowed us to adopt. It is an injustice, considering how many children are in homes either abused and unloved, or both.
I love that I can make a difference in work I am passionate about. For those of you who support me, thank you. I encourage you to find your passion, and make your own mark in the world - make a difference!

To your health,
Rita S.

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