Monday, January 2, 2012

Toxins in Western Culture

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Pintrist, and have been slowly adding many of the links I share in the sidebar of this blog to my Pintrist bulletin boards. Unfortunately, it only accepts those that have an image to link to. Therefore, some important research studies and such in my list of what I feel is important information for people to read, or for me to revisit, cannot be "pintristed".
I came across such a link in my rolling list just now, Dr. Myhill of the United Kingdom, and one section in particular was very interesting. Although the article focuses on WHY we NEED nutritional supplements this day and age, I thought some of the info to be useful for an upcoming presentation on the reason we detox. The entire read on nutritional supplements is HERE, but below is the part I felt important to share right off. I do know it is difficult to lose unwanted weight if your body is deficient on a number of nutrients.

  • Increasing toxic stress of Western environments
    Xenobiotic chemicals (pesticides, volatile organic compounds and heavy metals) all need to be detoxified and excreted from the body, but this process is highly demanding of micronutrients. Our increasing xenobiotic load increases micronutrient requirements. Furthermore, xenobiotics are directly anti-nutrient: so, for example, nickel increases our requirement for zinc; fluoride increases our need for iodine; and mercury increases our need for selenium.
    Xenobiotics come from:
    Contamination of our food and water in ways indicated above.
    Contamination by packaging – many products are wrapped, and sometimes cooked, in plastics with phthalates leeching into food.
    Contamination of the environment by persistent organic pollutants from agricultural industry, polluting industry, war, fires, road traffic and waste disposal.
    Cosmetics often contain volatile organic chemicals and/or heavy metals such as nickel and aluminium – this increases the toxic load and thereby the requirements for micronutrients to detoxify them.
    Jewellery and piercings increase exposure to toxic metals.
    Prescription medication – the best example of this would be the malabsorption induced by proton pump inhibitors and other acid blockers, resulting in an increased risk of osteoporosis. Most drug side effects result from micronutrient deficiencies.
    The medication of healthy people, including children, with vaccinations which often contain heavy metals together with live or attenuated viruses. Vaccinations have immune disrupting potential and the potential to switch on novel disease processes.
    Dental work and surgical prostheses – these often involve use of heavy metals such as mercury, palladium, titanium, nickel, gold and silicones, all of which may be toxic either directly or through their potential to disrupt the immune system.

Much of the above is a recap of previous posts I have shared from doctors Blaylock, Mercola and Weil's newsletters, but I always find affirmation in my sources when I see multiple doctors stating the same thing.

If you have a new years resolution to lose weight, be aware that most of us are deficient on more than one nutrient. Also be aware that when it comes to vitamin supplementation you truly get what you pay for. The less it costs the more likely you are gaining little nutritional benefit and instead your money spent is being flushed, if you know what I mean. (LOL)

I encourage you to get the best vitamin supplementation you can afford. Sometimes all one has to do is make the decision to give up soda, or daily Starbucks, and exchange those expenses for an investment in one's health. Often times we do not realize how much our little habits add up, and an exchange for a healthier option is going to be one of the greatest investments you can make in your own health. It is the type of gift that keeps on giving as you begin to feel better and become more healthy. From a personal experience, I can think of no better gift to give my family.

To your health,

Rita S.

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