Friday, May 30, 2014

Extreme Exercise and Weight Loss - How Beneficial Is it?

Recently I was in a discussion about successful weight loss programs - what works, what doesn't, are supplements necessary, do weight loss products teach anything about lifestyle change? All are great questions...

I agree with those who advocate lifestyle change in food choices is the way to go... if people are conditioned to open a box of "weight management" meals, or simply heat up a frozen weight management does not teach sustainable healthy living choices. Often times the "meals in a box" are laden with artificial ingredients, and for low-fat items - artificial sweeteners are likely on the label to make it taste good.  Short term weight loss...long term memory loss, is my blunt take on the effects of artificial anything.

Some cite that those wanting to lose weight should embrace running, bootcamps...

For the very out of shape person - let's be honest...three days of not being able to walk after one of these extreme bootcamp that motivating? Are you ready to go back the next day? I am sure there are "easy starter" bootcamps - but what I hear from my friends that participate in bootcamps...they are ANYTHING but moderate.

Extreme sports - they are fine for the conditioned athlete and fairly healthy person, but for those in poor health - whose cells are already deficient in oxygen - there is risk in additional oxidative stress on their bodies from extreme exercise. In contrast, WALKING is a great form of exercise - for any age and any level. Adding walking poles increases the cardio and upper body workout. Start with a walk around your home, or in your home...and go a bit further as your body can manage.

As one who has read and studied a number of books on healing from cancer and cancer prevention...extreme sports do not help a body heal on the celluar level, which is what someone very much out of shape and in poor health, we can assume, is in need of. Two authors who've voiced concern re: extreme sports for cancer survivors are Russel Blaylock, neurosurgen, Raymond Francis M.Sc. The topic here is EXTREME, as Blaylock also stresses the need for exercise.  Mountain climbing, running marathons or participating in tri-athalons...if your body is healing from cancer, let it heal. If you are overweight ...ease in to it. You can put one of these sports on your bucket list of aspirations...prior to my weight loss, I would not even consider these things. Well, and still don't, 80 lbs. less of me later...

As a person with atrophied toes/weak foot - bootcamp is not a fit. For the many who have physical impairments - learning to eat whole foods (primarily an alkaline based diet) and simply walking, or picking up a hula hoop!, will help one make great strides in losing weight. The alkaline food focus, by the way, will help your body heal and restore on a cellular level.

EXCERCISE IS IMPORTANT! To be clear, I don't want anyone to get the idea that I am stating there is no need to exercise or sweat.  Light to MODERATE excercise is definitely good for the body, and obesity is definitely linked to disease, such as breast cancer.

Regarding supplements....our whole food supply, many nutrition and medical experts agree, are not of the same quality as they were 100, or even 50, years ago. This includes organics, although I've read you do benefit from over 40% more nutrients from organic produce.  Many renown experts concur that nutrition supplementation can definitely benefit those striving for weight loss. As a doctor friend of mine says, we are an "overeating, malnourished society". Many are fortuante to be able to find a nutritionist or naturopath who can run tests to determine specific deficiencies.

Arbonne, just this month, released two evolutionary products targeting weight management - and there will be those who question the need. "Just eat vegetables and eliminate ALL processed foods."  Easy to say, difficult to do - especially in our fast paced world.  (been there....oh wait, I still am!)

Because I do consult with a number of people past age 60, several who are at this point in their life, not that mobile, I can teach them to change their eating habits, and these evolutionary products can be of help in stabilizing blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, etc. 

The Mayo Clinic holistic department was commissioned by Arbonne to conduct clinical trials - and the results revealed positive benefits to patients. Arbonne also had the products tested by consultants. This video provides feedback from several in the trial run.

My wish for everyone is that you become healthy enough so that you CAN participate in a boot camp, marathon, or whatever is on your bucket list, without taking your breath away, or feeling like you have been run over by a MACK truck. As in all areas of life, moderation is key, unless it is your prayer which you can go extreme...and not experience ill effects.

May you feel great, look great, and live great,
Rita S.

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