Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Glucomannan Fiber and Green Coffee Bean Extract - Evolutionary!

Back in 2010 my blood sugar numbers were borderline - but I resolved that with a big change in my eating habits. This was not easy to do, it took a lot of discipline. I want to share specifically two new products Arbonne came out with two weeks ago that have ingredients to help control blood sugar, insulin production, and increase metabolism.

A brochure is available which I would be happy to email details and ingredient list - feel free to contact me!

The new Evolution product line are listed in the new catalog for weight management. Arbonne paid the Mayo Clinic to test both products in clinical trials on patients...and Dr. Brent Bauer of the Mayo Holistic & Alternative Medicine Department reported positive benefits to the patients that tried these products, when I attended the training conference in Vegas May 7-9.

The first product is Evolution ThermoBooster. It promotes THERMOGENESIS - which the Mayo Clinic refers to in this non-Arbonne related article, as NEAT (non-excercise activity thermogenesis). Simply put, from my understanding, thermogenesis increases heat in the body to promote an increase in metabolism and the body's ability to burn fat.  

The Evolution Full Control product contains the fiber glucomannan - and in this article blood sugar expert, Dr. Mark Hyman, writes, "soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin, prevent cancer, balance hormone levels, remove excess estrogen and reduce the risk of breast cancer, make vitamins and minerals, provide food for the colon cells, and more. So it’s easy to see just how crucial soluble fiber is to good heath!"

"Glucomannan is an ancient fiber source that can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, reduce your appetite, and lower your blood sugar more effectively than ANY other fiber."

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with maintaining blood sugar levels at acceptable, healthy levels - please feel free to pass along the information on these two new products. I encourage anyone to scrutinize and discern for themselves, the information provided in the linked articles and this blog. 

Many people have already been reaping the benefits of weight loss, lowering cholesterol,and reversing type 2 diabetes with Arbonne Essentials...and Arbonne has raised the bar in health and wellness by provoiding these new EVOLUTIONary pure, safe and beneficial products.

If you want to work on lowering blood sugar on your own - my biggest tip, that worked for me, is to CUT THE GLUTEN/WHEAT and eat lots of green plant based foods! Eliminating most processed foods from your diet is also key to reestablishing healthy blood sugar numbers.  

Wishing you the best of health so you can feel great, look great and live great!
Rita S.

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