Sunday, July 27, 2014

Radiation Poisoning - Nutrition that Restores

According to  “Fighting Radiation and Chemical Pollutants with Foods, Herbs and Vitamins,” pectin provides a benefit of binding radioactive residues to help remove them from the body. Pectin is a natural chelating agent,  which bind to other compounds, dragging them out of tissues and bloodstream, so they can be excreted from the body in urine or feces. 
The Arbonne Fiber Boost contains 4 pectins derived from citrus pectin, orange pulp, apple pectin, and beet.  A newer product, Evolution Full Control, contains glucomannan, derived from konjac root, is another plant fiber that I can personally testify, helps to increase waste removal from the body. The truth of the matter is...a LOT of unwanted toxins are excreted through poop! If you are not doing this critical function minimum of 1-2x a day...your toxic load is building and WILL cause problems! (I highly recommend Arbonne Colon Cleanse to promote gentle elimination.)
Sea plants, such as kelp and algae are also beneficial. According to a 1964 McGill University study published in the “Canadian Medical Association Journal,” sodium alginate from kelp reduced radioactive strontium absorption in the intestines by 50 to 80 percent.  Sea plants are also rich in iodine, which helps protect the thyroid for radiation damage. Iodine can be absorbed through the sour greatest sponge-like organ, the skin. 
The Arbonne SeaSource Detox Purifying Sea Soak is also going into our arsenal to combat radiation poisoning. Rich in sea minerals this dehydrated plant formula, when added to water, helps draw out toxins and provides iodine.
Of course green foods rich in chlorophyll are another powerful arsenal in an action plan to help body recover from radiation poisoning. Other foods rich in chlorophyll include leafy greens, celery, parsley, bean sprouts and wheat grass. The powerful anti-oxidants of green foods provide an army to attach the free radicals within the radiation exposed body. 
Fortunately, our garden is chock full of green foods this time of year...after the PET was time to juice!

UPDATE! Totally stoked to report that Arbonne Int'l released a Green Balance super food Sept. 2014.  The product exceeds the requests I had made two years ago for a super green good containing heavy hitters listed in my library of anti cancer protocols. Scrutinziing other recommended green foods from the alternative treatment sites...I continue to be blown away by the nutraceutical quality of products from this company. I am proud to be associated with as a consultant.

I wish for you VITALITY. May you feel great, look great and live great!
Rita S.

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