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Benefits of Broken Cell Chlorella for Cancer

Chlorella pyrenoidoisa, the Latin name for broken cell chlorella, is one of the most powerful detoxifying plants on the planet. On a mission to find ways to detoxify a loved one from possible radiation poisoning, a number of on line articles including the link above to Natural News, bespoke of the benefits of this aquatic powerhouse.

I was thrilled to reaffirm that it is a key ingredient in the Arbonne 7 Day Body Cleanse. Added to 32 ounces of water, this is a product that both my husband and I make a point to drink three times a year for a GENTLE quarterly cleanse (no fasting required!).

When you think about radiation poisoning, what comes to mind? It may be the repercussions on the people of Japan for the Fukishima disaster. Right? As a child, the word radiation always conjured up images from history class of the "atom bomb" being dropped forming a mushroom cloud.

Yet, we are exposed to radiation small amounts if we use electronics and wireless communication devices. My family uses products from SafeSpace for EMF protection on small electronics. For whole house protection, we use Aulterra EMF Neutralizing protection.  EVERY ONE who has cancer should protect themselves from EMF..

We are exposed to radiation in greater amounts from the medical field...with dental x-rays. You can located dental practices that have concern for their patients and effects of radiation. Holistic-minded dental offices, such as No Fear Dentistry in Madison, WI,  are cropping up offering digitial imagiing, which reduces radiation by 90%.

If we receive diagnostic testing, such as a CT or PET scan...the radiation dosage is much more intense...and more so if needing to penetrate a deeper area such as chest cavity. In addition, radioactive uranium is used in the process

Many go through these scans without a hitch. Although what manifests years down the line from such exposure is not completely known. It is a concern for the pioneers blazing a trail with homeopathic cancer treatments. Much is being written on the topic, and it should be concerning to all of us.

In June 9, 2014 my husband was exposed to radiation during a CT scan in the ER one evening. He went in for several days of an annoying feeling in the chest, not of pain, but since we were leaving on vacation it was smart to get it checked out.  The good news is - the many tests and diagnostics performed over the next 8 hrs. revealed a very well functioning heart, and likelihood of a pulled muscle causing the discomfort. Swollen lymph nodes did cause concern for further diagnostics.

Upon arriving home we discovered both legs had an abundance of sores, which over a period of several days spread to arms, fingers.  Although uncomfortable, we kept itching at bay using Arbonne FC5 skin conditioning oil and Seasource Detox Body Gelee (which contains Chlorella Vulgaris, another form of beneficial sea based chlorella).  It is still unclear what the sores came from...he did not have him before his ER visit, but certainly did upon arriving home.  It could have been a reaction to the barium sulfate solution given in the IV prior to the scan, or it may have been a quick reaction to radiation and/or subsequent radiation burn?  We will not know the answer to this for certain, but for a subsequent PET scan we took precautions. His doctor suggested a "contact" outbreak.  The image to the left shows the sores in a much lesser state than original, after days of treating with Arbonne products.

CT scans, by the way, produce greater radiation than a PET scan. Those who have "at risk" kidneys may benefit from taking a protective supplement N-acetylcysteine prior to the CT scan.

To help combat the subsequent days of feeling lethargic and "different" after the CT scan, my husband drank the Arbonne Anti Oxidant and Immunity Booster 1-2x a day to help boost his immunity.

We abhorred the idea of my husband being subjected to a radioactive solution for a PET scan...yet we succumbed to pressure, both from the medical world and family and friends. Doesn't it seem wrong that we are asked to take and accept poisoning of the body in order to be diagnosed? Jesse did not feel that God would want him to do this, yet submitted to this world.

For the PET scan we prepared ahead.  We did not want the outbreak of sores again, and he continued a detoxifying diet prior to the scan in order to ensure the liver had plenty of room after the PET to dump toxins for elimination. Upon coming out of the "tube" Jesse began drinking the broken cell chlorella based Arbonne cleanse immediately.

As a holistic lifestyle family, when something is amiss with our bodies, we go full force with detoxification, eating clean, increasing the Arbonne Vitamin D/B12 spray and Arbonne Anti-Oxidant Immunity Boosters. There is no skipping the PowerPack multi-vitamins containing the benefits of selenium, or the vegan Omega 3s with DHA. Arbonne Detox Tea is enjoyed twice daily for continual liver support with milk thistle and dandelion root.  In addition to Arbonne supplements, NOW brand Curcumin is a part of the regimen.

Arbonne's 7 Day Detox Body Cleanse contains Chlorella pyrenoidoisa that is pure. Special attention is made to ensure the chlorella used is not comprimised by ocean contamination. This is important, especially with disasters such as Fukishima crating radioactive sea life - both animal and plant.

Other important nutritionals to help combat the effects of radiation include pectin fibers, sea plants such as sea algae, kelp and chlorella, and rich super green foods containing chlorophyll - such as wheat grass, spirulina, barley grass, parsley, dark greens such as kale.  I will share a little more on this in my next post.

I wish for you VITALITY. May you feel great, look great and live great!
Rita S.

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