Saturday, July 19, 2014

Green Super Anti-Oxidant Rich Smoothie

Green Super Smoothie - dedicated to my husband who is beginning a journey of which no one wants to embark. Rich in anti oxidants - free radical erradicator!  He is not well, and we are determined he will conquer the battle inside with help from a plant based diet.

Place following in order listed, into a blender. 
8 oz purified water
2 scoops Arbonne vanilla protein
1 scoop Arbonne fiber
2 handfuls of organic spinach or kale
1/2 organic granny smith apple
1 T. Health by Designs Paleo greens unflavored
1 NOW brand Curcumin capsule, opened and powder added (650 mg)
2 Jigsaw Health Magnesium SRT capsules
1/2 dropper Source Naturals Ultra Collodial Silver (use 10 days only)
1 T organic cold pressed coconut oil
1 tsp. organic cinnamon
4 oz purified water
2 ice cubes (optional)

Blend until smooth. Becomes a healthy blue green algae like color. The ingredients in this shake have a approximately an ORAC equivalent to approx. 14 servings of vegetable and fruit

I choose Arbonne products as a base for their nutraceutical formulation and purity - it is very rare to find a protein powder that contains ZERO ppm of any trace toxic metals. Low glycemic is also very important, and these products are certified low glycemic, as well as having an alkaline base. Cold processed and better than is a near perfect food, per Molly Geil, in a recent "bootcamp" training. Molly is a former child psychologist, Independent Arbonne Consultant, athlete and sits on the Arbonne nutrition advisory board.

Health by Designs super green food supplement was selected because it was recommended by my friend, Dr. Geil, who knows her stuff...and I know has the same high standards as myself. There is 4% RDA of iron in the formula, which may cause concern for those aware of the connection between iron and cancer. However, per Russell Blaylock, MD, a plant based iron source does not build up in the body to create toxicity, as an animal based protein can do.

NOW brand Curcumin is the brand chosen by our local Green Earth health store...and I know the owner does her research. Amazon reviews were also excellent. Curcumin is anti inflammatory and helps to stop angiogenesis... the process by which cancer cells grow. Blaylock recommends 1500 mg of curcumin a day; however another respected MD with the gift of healing serious illnesses, told me that if one is battling cancer, one needs to realize there is a difference between prevention/maintenance mode and "conquering cancer" mode. In other words, one may wish to amp up the curcumin.

Dr. Russell Blaylock recommended Jigsaw SRT Magnesium  ...a man I have respected throughout my own journey to regain my health. Magnesium is critical for muscle strength (often weakened by cancer), nerve function and hormonal balance, to name a few.

Source Naturals Collodial Silver is used for immunity is nature's anti-biotic without the side effect of killing off good gut flora. It should be used as directed on the bottle - and should only be incorporated into a smoothie recipe for 10 consecutive days before ceasing to add to the above recipe.

When juicing gets to be too much work and you need a break, and need a simple meal - this shake is not only tasty - it is going to benefit your body in many ways. An anti-oxidant rich diet is the most effective way to erradicate those free radicals to Kingdom come!

To your health!
Rita S.

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