Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vegan Protein Shake For Weight Gain

Many people struggle with weight loss, but there are people who very much need to gain weight.

Omega 3s and GOOD fats play an important role in muscle mass and weight gain. Now, if you have participated in the Arbonne 28 days to feeling fit know that we also advocate GOOD fats to LOSE weight. However, when gain is the goal - you do want to incorporate a greater amount of good fats in your diet, or in this case, smoothie recipe.

Raw nuts, nut milks, nut butters and nut meals are all good additions to help boost weight. In general, dairy can be inflammatory and should be avoided, but raw organic kefir may be a good addition to a vegan protein shake.

I did some digging to find a shake for weight gain from several sources, and muscle building and tweaked it. The base recipe came from the 4-Hour body, but it was heavy on foods that cause inflammation in many people.

This smoothie requires blending, versus shaker cup ease. However, when we are in a hurry at our home, and my husband does need weight gain - we add either Barlean's Flaxseed Oil or coconut oil that has sat in a warm water bath to bring to liquid form, into the shaker cup. If you don't mind little chunks, you can add ground flax seed or chia seed.

I will say, if you have access to great avocados - it is one of nature's most perfect foods, and will add rich creaminess to any shake. But for ease...we will not include in this recipe...  Organic is always preferred, and cold processed nut oils should be considered as exposing nut oils to heat contributes free radicals and defeats the purpose of trying to eat healthy. Avoid pre-ground flax seed as again, free radicals begin to develop from the moment the seeds are ground.

The vegan fat shake

12 ounces almond milk (making your own is always best, but we use Silk brand Original without carrageenan)
2 scoops Arbonne Essentials vegan protein powder (chocolate or vanilla)
2-3 T. nut butter* (Nutella, almond, and/or peanut butter)
1 T. ground flax seed (use coffee grinder to grind before adding to shake)
2 T. chia seeds (allow to soak overnight to gel, and then blend if you prefer smoother smoothies)
2 T. coconut oil or flax seed or coconut oil
1 banana or 1/2 avocado

Blend all ingredients in a blender.

For meal replacement, versus post workout shake, add 1/2 to 1 scoop Arbonne Essentials Fiber Boost.
For serious weight gain needs, add 1 teaspoon Maca powder.

Add ins for extra health kickin' goodness - a scoop of Arbonne Greens Balance.

*Use Sunbutter (sunflower seed) if allergic to nuts

To your health, and gain!
Rita S.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Digestive Enzymes and Meat Proteins For the Cancer Patient

Cancer is natural to a body that has gone awry - you can be sure of this. If you have reached the age of 50, don't kid yourself. It is likely there...but cancer in a well functioning body exists without notice.

 In an interview with Ty Bollinger, in the documentary series "Quest for the Cures", D. Edward Griffin explains how cancer cells are surrounded by a protein coating which has a negative electrostatic charge.
White blood cells, which are supposed to attack the cancer, have a negative electrostatic charge as well.  As we know - like charges repel one another.

If you eat a lot of meat the digestive enzymes are going to work on the MEAT, and there is very little left over to do anything else.  If the pancreas is functioning normally, the enzymes will digest your food and digest the negative electrostatic coating that is surrounding the cancer cell. This strips away the negative electro static charge and reveals the positive charge. White blood cells, which remember have the negative charge, can now come in and do their work. The opposite electrostatic charge can now ATTRACT.

How do you increase your pancreatic digestive enzymes and which one in particular do you want to increase... Amygdalin,  Also known as B17.  If you are eating organic produce - EAT your APPLE SEEDS, which are very high in B17.  We are brought up taught to not eat toxic apple seeds because they contain cyanide. Scary, right? Pure cyanide in gaseous form - is toxic.  B17 cyanide molecules found in apple and apricot seeds are NOT the same ...but they do kill cancer cells.

You may have read reports on how this is not true... to which I recommend you find the writings of Ralph Moss, a researcher at Sloan Kettering when laetrile was being researched at the institute. The Japanese doctor researching laetrile, and finding tumor reduction in mice, was the victim of having his control groups purposely mixed at the famous cancer research center...for the purpose of discrediting his findings.

If you read my posts do you see a pattern? Cancer treatments are big money makers. Natural cures are not.

To your health,
Rita S.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Importance of Detox for Cancer Treatment - Coffee Enemas!

Often times cancer patients begin alternative treatment - approaching their cancer from the perspective of using nutrition and supplements to kill cancer cells. They begin to feel worse and assume the natural treatment is not working. In an interview with Ty Bollinger, in the documentary series "Quest for the Cures", Dr. Nicholas Garcias, explained how dead cancer cells are extremely toxic to the body. He discussed the importance of excreting the dead cancer cells and how it plays a critical role in the process of a patient becoming cancer free. Garcias clinic specializes in advanced pancreatic cancer treatments.

Garcias explains...dozens of studies from 1920s and forward, in CONVENTIONAL medicine journals, talk about the importance of detoxification and remarkable results of coffee enemas. As technology advanced, and fancy equipment purchased by clinics and hospitals, inexpensive tried and true protocols, such as coffee enemas, went by the wayside. (Remember, there is little money to be had from something like using coffee and distilled/RO water.)

Successful Treatments with Coffee Enemas appear in:
-New England Journal of Medicine 1932
-Harvard Medical School 1932 - treated bi-polar illness with coffee enemas and colonics
- Study from Uruguay, patients from septic shock reversed with coffee enemas (1941-1942)

There are many studies that support the benefits of detoxifications. Of the many books in my library, and protocols described - whether it is the Gerson therapy, or other well known treatments - coffee enemas are listed as a necessary step in many treatment programs.

You may find a local practitioner that offers coffee enemas, or colonics, as a service. If you are unsure how to go about, I encourage you to enlist the help of a trained professional.

To your health,
Rita S.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Quest for the Cures - Breast Cancer Diagnostics

If you haven't heard there is a series of 11 documentaries currently being shown for free - Quest for the Cures. You can still sign up to view all eleven - which are being re-aired tomorrow, Oct. 25th.

The documentaries include a number of oncologists who are "coming out of the closet". Their conscience can no longer handle the guilt of remaining silent about what they know is causing cancer - whether it is the diagnostic tools or the actual treatments.  Episode 7, as an example, a doctor talks about mammograms and how it is a terrible test and causes breast cancer.

Thermography is a great diagnostic tool and THE best way to screen. No breast smashing, no cancer causing radiation, and it will indicate areas of concern 10 years before a mammogram. Cancer cells appear long before a lump will form - which takes about 8 years before a mammogram or ultrasound will detect it. By then you are talking about 1 billion cells and it is shedding cancer cells through the body.  It is NOT early detetction, but a propagated lie.  Not the screening - but the fact hat mammography is not truly EARLY detection. Get your THERMOGRAM!! It is the only TRUE early detection.

 If you have a lump, an Ultrasound - or test of anatomy - is the way to go. Sensitivity of an ultrasound is 80% and up - which

You may ask, "if thermography is better, why are mammograms pushed so much?"  Keep in mind the mammogram machines are already in place and they need to be paid for.  If you get enough mammograms increases a woman's risk of cancer by 2%. So if you keep getting the mammograms you WILL eventually find cancer.

Today's medicine is being described as FEAR MEDICINE.  We, as a population, are scared into doing what ever we are told....because we trust medicine and we fear cancer.

Tamoxifin is another drug a doctor that doctor says, assures repeat business for oncologists. There are a number of natural estrogen blockers

Lastly, as people are focused on donating in October - as it wraps up please reconsider any donations you feel you want to give Komen foundation or American Cancer Society. Know where the money goes...if you think it is cancer research - think again.  A former head of the FDA said you will never see clinical trials or studies on natural cures or supplements for cancer.

I realize this post may seem a bit random. I was typing the notes from the interviews with these doctors as they spoke.  I do hope you will visit the link and subscribe to learn more about cancer truths.

To your health!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Celeriac Root Soup in Minutes

Blended up a soup fast and easy yesterday - literally minutes (thanks in part to a loan of a Vitamix from a friend), as we focus on raw food eating for its healing properties. This recipe is "elimination diet" friendly - no dairy, soy, gluten, etc.

1 Celeriac root - trimmed off outside "rind" and cut into chunks
3 organic carrots
3-5 garlic cloves (5 produces some heat)
1/2 onion - cut into chunks
1" piece of organic ginger root
1 cup raw cashews (soak for 2 hours prior)
1 tsp. turmeric
2 pinches Celtic Sea Salt
1 carton organic vegetable broth

Depending on blender size...this may need to be done in several batches.

Place 2 cups liquid in blender first, root vegetables, blend until fairly smooth. Add remaining ingredients and puree until creamy texture. May be eaten cold - drizzle with EVOO. Or simmer on low heat (lower heat maintains integrity of healthful enzymes) and enjoy.

There are MANY healthful benefits to the ingredients in this soup - anti tumor, anti biotic, anti bacterial, anti oxidant rich.

To your health,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Countdown to Juice Time!

Thomas Hudson MD describes whole food supplements as such: "There are basically two types of nutritional supplements. One type is based on the whole food; the other type is fragmented. Whole food based supplements usually consist of fruits and vegetables which have been dehydrated to a powder form. They aren’t the whole food, of course, but they’re a pretty reasonable facsimile. The magic of the whole food, which lies in the synergy of all its parts, is largely preserved. Technically speaking, they aren’t even supplements. They are whole food concentrates."
I admit - juicing seems a lot of work. Perhaps it is the type of juicer one has - although we are using a high end Green Star Elite on loan from a friend.  It  is powerful, and preserves enzymes vs. heating and depleting. 
By the time I gather from the garden or pluck vegetables from the frig, rinse off and chop as needed to fit into the rather small chute...juicing is not a fast and easy part of convenient living. No one can deny it makes a mess, and clean up can be a chore.
Then there is waste...lots of organic vegetable pulp making its way to compost. I tried making soup, but realized that vegetables from which water has been extricated, does not cream well, and the texture is not the same.

When I juice I try to make more than one glass - one for my husband, one for myself, and if I can freeze even half a jelly jar for another time...  When I made juice the other day it was comprised of 2 carrots, 1 large beet - root and top greens, 1 pear, carrot greens, purple cabbage leaf, fresh dandelion greens, basil leaves. Plenty of great nutrients from multiple color spectrum of about an hour, although it seemed more.
As a comparison, I used the whole food concentrate - Greens Balance from Arbonne - to create a beverage that I would venture provides a greater supply of nutrients due to its full spectrum, synergestic blend. In 30 seconds, shaken in a canning jar with a screw top lid - I had at my disposal...wheat and barley grass, chlorophyll, spirulina, cabbage, tomatoes, blueberries, acai, carrots, Omega 3 from flax, quinoa and other seeds, and so much more. I can email you a PDF of the complete ingredient list if you would like to see it.
Greens Balance tastes much better than other green super food powders I have tried, and if you are new to consuming super green anti oxidant foods - you may wish to add a bit of raw honey. I feel, from all I have read, that adding a little honey will help this powerhouse of oxygen, get into cells quicker for faster turnaround when one is ailing.
As winter approaches and organic produce will experience a price increase, I am grateful for Greens Balance. When my garden is finally put to bed for the winter...I will turn to this as a super blend of whole food goodness at a reasonable price, not to mention a huge time saver.
To your health, 
Rita S.